Here's A Small Taste Of What You'll Discover
On This Professionaly Shot DVD:

  • How to treat traumatic wounds to arms and legs...even if one of your arms is injured and you're forced to treat yourself with one hand.
  • How to stop serious bleeding FAST... without accidentally causing nerve damage with dressing that's too tight!
  • The 7 tools to have on hand while treating open wounds... that drastically reduce the risk of infection. (Especially in grid-down scenarios where cleanliness is compromised!)
  • 3 ways to stabilize a fractured wrist or arm.
  • The different types of bandages that work best on specific wounds. (Because the same bandage you'd want to apply to something like a shallow knife wound is DIFFERENT from the bandage you should use to treat a burn. Or the foot blister that looks like it might get infected.)
  • How to properly "irrigate" (i.e. clean) a potentially infectious puncture wound before you bandage it. And the tools that make it easy.
  • The wrong way to splint broken fingers.
  • Tricks for getting bandages to stay on your skin for up to 72 hours. (And the best bandages that WON'T stick to open wounds.)
  • The 9 threats every SHTF medical kit should be able to treat. Plus - the best tools that'll hold up in rough and dirty conditions.

...And that's just a fraction of what Dr. Pruett will teach you in this DVD.

You'll also be walked through...

The 9 Categories of Medical Emergencies

And The Must-Have Supplies You Need To Stockpile Now - So You're Prepared To Treat Each One!

Like I mentioned earlier...

... The problem with most medical kits on the market is that the people who've put them together assume there will always be a doctor coming to the rescue.

So Dr. Pruett insisted that we make this DVD in 9 separate chapters.

So that in each one, he can carefully and logically show you:

  1. What supplies and tools Dr. Pruett recommends for treating each of the 9 categories of medical emergency. And...
  2. How to correctly use your medical kit to treat each medical emergency.

If you, too, would like to learn these life saving procedures taught by a real E.R. Physician for when there will be no doctors available then here's what to do next:

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