Your Herbal Medicine Questions Answered…

I promised you in my last video that I’d put out a video on one of the questions I get asked about whenever I bring in experts to teach on Herbal medicine.

1) How do you sift through the BS, and find research that’s factual.
2) Are there dangerous combinations to be aware of when using herbs?

And while we’ll be going into MUCH greater detail during the training, I thought I’d walk down to my Orchard and show you one of the VERY powerful medicinal plants you’ll be learning how to use this week, and how if you use it wrong it can be quite dangerous.

Here’s the link to the PubMed article I mentioned in the video.

Also, I got asked quite a few times if this was a class on Essential Oils… and while I LOVE essential oils (in fact I’m using some Marjoram oil to really help me overcome some shoulder tendinitis… NO… this is not a class about essential oils).

This class is about how to take actual plants growing withing a mile of where you live and turn them into remedies and alternative medicines for staying alive in a post collapse world.  Just wanted to make that clear.

Sam Coffman, the instructor for this class operates a full blown herbal clinic and training facility, and this training goes way beyond essential oils.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!