Yes, The IRS Reads Your Email

April 12, 2013

Political News

Many people might watch this and think to themselves, “if you don’t have anything to hide, who cares?”

The problem I have with that argument is that it can be taken all the way to extremes.

Maybe you trust our current administration to not abuse this power, but do you trust the next President?  What about presidents 40 years from now?

Power Corrupts.

I find it very interesting that the political left in our country think big business has too much power (and they’re right, especially when it comes to lobbying)… but they want to take that power and hand it all over to government.  The political right feel that government has too much power to regulate and thus destroy or cripple their businesses (and they’re right); and they’d rather strip the government of power and take it for themselves.

Maybe, just maybe, the uniting force between citizens who lean to the left, vs. citizens that lean to the political right is that both parties do NOT want to be controlled.  They do not want to be oppressed.  Don’t want to be forced to do things against their will.

To say one side is evil and the other is not is silly.

Both sides have LARGE levels of corruption, and the real fight should be against corruption of all kinds, so that we can live free.

One strategy for fighting corruption which I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of is to simply walk away…

Do You Hate Big Agriculture?

Grow your own food.  You contain the power within yourself to not be bullied by these people.

Disgusted With Big Pharma?

Wean yourself off their drugs.  It’s not always possible, like in certain cases of diabetes, but healthy eating & exercise heals almost everything.

Hate The Products Big Companies Sell You?

Invent a new one.  Most great wealth is made not by inventing something completely new, but by improving the design of something that is already in existence.  Add value to the world by making things better so you don’t need their machines and inventions.

I’m not saying these changes are easy to make, I’m just saying we hold within ourselves the power to not be the victims of much of the corruption in our lives.

How are you working towards becoming less manipulatable in your daily life?  Please share?

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