What Could World War III Look Like?

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One Response to “What Could World War III Look Like?”

  1. Bill Keen Says:

    Your premise of the effects of an EMP attack are faulty to say the least, at worst they are inflammatory and designed to scare NOT inform.

    You begin your tale with a ground attack by nuclear bomb. That would severely limit the effects of the EMP created. An ‘air burst’ at an altitude that would limit the physical destruction would create a much more effective EMP, HOWEVER, your idea that ALL electrical items would be destroyed is ludicrous!

    While all low energy devices (integrated and solid-state) would be destroyed, those that employ AC or higher current DC would NOT be affected. To destroy electrical circuits requires manifesting a current that is in excess of the capability of the device. An EMP is by its very nature a short-duration event. The current required to disable a car battery (for example) would not be present for more than milliseconds at the most. This is hardly time enough to heat the components sufficiently to warp them to disable the battery. All other components would be even less susceptible to the EMP.

    Any foreign power would be interested in taking over the land (Yes, they should be jealous as the USofA has the best landscape overall). Destruction of the flora and fauna would NOT be in their best interest so all they would have to overcome would be the populace.

    The population is susceptible to chemical assault. The MRE’s are designed so that the soldier has constipation during a battle and only gets relief by chewing the gum included in each meal. Conversely, diarrhea and nausea will incapacitate ANYONE! This has been taken care of by a 2 edged sword. While it is benign for the moment, the chemtrail assault has placed the first part of the 2-part chemical in everyone. The second part will be delivered by the water supply systems.

    Over the last 15 years (or so) the water supplies have been modified to provide for the remotely controlled addition of a chemical to cause the above stated condition. In the wealthier neighborhoods it has meant adding a physical electronic valve at each residence’s supply valve. Videos from the mid 2000s show this occurring.

    I have been a victim of the testing of this in local water systems twice in 2 different locales. I’m sure that others have experienced it also. The symptoms usually last for only a day and then quit. The water flushes out as it is meant to be only a test. When the attach begins the water will be -dirty- until the enemy gains control over the population of the area.

    Of course, this will cause many deaths due to dehydration in the very young and very old as well as the infirm within probably 2 days. The longer it lasts the easier it will be to control the people and the fewer that will be living.

    EMP will destroy the infrastructure of the nation and all public utilities as they are controlled/monitored by electronic devices which will be eliminated in a heartbeat, however, the basics will be there and CAN be restored using older control methods that will have to be recreated. Manual switches instead of computer circuits will suffice for most with someone to watch and adjust as needed.


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