4 Year Old, Out-Shoots Vice President Biden

October 17, 2013

Firearms Training

Shooting with kids

4 Year Old Out-Shoots Vice President Biden!

Perhaps this isn’t much of a claim considering the commander-in-chief’s right handed, left footed, room-temp IQ bumbling idiot suggests that women 5’1″ weighing 105 lbs should get a shotgun and “fire” (negligently discharge) two shots into the air to discourage a criminal or potential rapist; but only when pissing down your own leg and sh!tt!ng yourself is impractical of course…

It certainly raises an eyebrow, and the question, “When is it responsible to teach a child to shoot a gun?”  My answer, “When they’re damn well good and ready.”  Plain and simple.  If your child isn’t ready until they’re 37, then by God’s good grace they shouldn’t be shooting until they’re 37.  Evidence distinctly shows that Biden’s parents should have educated their little socialist at an early age, and maybe he’d be able to hit the broad side of a barn, and not the neighbor’s roof.

No political Bravo-Siera can or should “dick-tate” the age in which an individual is capable of firing a weapon.  If that were the case, my communist aunt would say “it should never happen, guns are evil, I’m a demo-crap now; long live Hitler!”  In which case, my dog would be dead, I would have been stabbed to death at a gas station in Tupelo, and that duck I shot and ate last Thanksgiving would still be flying free.  Seriously.

Aside from the “flying free” thing, those are all terrible options, and yet based on real events… however the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  *cough… but seriously, my aunt thinks I’m evil because I believe in the right to self defense, and because I don’t believe Jesus wants me to pay for another one of her abortions… libertarians are racists and the whole country would benefit if I would just pay for another slutty teenage-mother-of six’s childrens’ medical expenses.  PS – Daddy(s) should have pulled out… just sayin’.

Hate-filled?  No… not at all.  Just 100% fed-up with the political correctness and the state of our country, and people’s lack of taking responsibility for themselves – young or old.  I’m sick of the entitled little pansies out there that think the world owes them something…  “The ‘Right’ wants to starve the nation!”  Uh huh… tell that to the impoverished family in Bangladesh that I just purchased a cow, two chickens, a ceiling fan, clothes, and blankets for.

Good people do three things,

1) Love God
2) Feed Those In Need
3) Teach 4-year olds to shoot AR15’s

Of course that is said with a slight sense of sarcasm, as I believe there’s more to life than that (like upgrading to AR-10’s), but when I visit my nephew all I hear now is “Uncle Dave, Uncle Dave!  Can we go shoot?”  Not only does he love it, but he’s learning a skill that gives him confidence, empowers him, give him the ability to feed himself and protect those he loves.

So when is it the right age to teach kids to shoot?  Plain and simple, when they’re ready.

I started my nephew with an empty, .22 cal, “AR-15” style weapon.  The first step was simple, I needed to have him learn the five rules of gun-safety.  Not just memorize them and repeat them like our POS schooling system (Publickly Ofordible Skoool), but actually comprehend them and possess the cognitive ability to make the right decision based on the information he had recently obtained, like a homeschooler could.

A. Always Treat A Firearm As If It Is Loaded
2. Always Keep The Firearm Pointed In A Safe Direction
III. Always Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot
Four. Always Keep Your Firearm Unloaded Until It Is Ready For Use
E. Always Be Sure Of Your Target and What Is Beyond It

Black German Shepherd and Child

After going over the rules, it was time for the quiz.  “Is this gun loaded?” I’d ask.

“Always Uncle Dave… wait, let me check,” was his reply.  First test: A+.  Common-Core Answer: 2+2=5  He showed me how… So… sure… yeah.

Next was the all important quiz about where to point the gun.  He gently picked the gun up off newly wet grass… not because it rained the night before, but because I was foolish enough to teach a kid to work an empty gun while my hunting dog decided to squeak a leak right next to it… (“MINE!”-Dog)

“Who do you point the gun at?” I asked in an all inquisitive tone.

“Nobody,” he replied…

“What about at your sister?”

He chuckled a little, “No!  Of course, not!”

“What if you’re really mad at her?” I asked…

“Uncle Dave…” he said in a frustrated tone.  Clearly he understood the importance of this, as I had already said that in his hands he has the power to kill, or the power to preserve life.  It was obvious that he understood, and was intending on making the right decisions.

dianne feinstein home addressAfter he picked up the gun and kept his finger off the trigger, it was clear that he had acquired a greater understanding of guns in his four short years of life, than the ‘honorable’ Dianne Feinstein, despite her centuries of accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

Next we quickly covered how to make sure it was always unloaded until it was ready for use, which he clearly understood from the earlier conversation.

And lastly, knowing his target and what was beyond.  After our conversation, two things were vehemently clear; Feinstein is a fascist, and my nephew was ready to punch holes in cardboard targets.

Like any new shooter, he had to learn how to hold the gun.  I rolled out the sniper shooting bad while he dawned his eye and ear protection.

Proper Shooting FormHe laid down on the mat, flattened his feet like a good sniper should, and loaded his first magazine from the pouch on his belt.

Like a pro, he slammed the magazine in, pressed the ping pong paddle, and sent the round firmly in the chamber.  Having previously been educated on iron sights, the 1-4x magnification of the scope was almost like cheating.

Teaching Kids to ShootHe firmly placed the butt-stock of the weapon against his shoulder, aligned his sites on the cardboard target, flipped off the safety, and gently squeezed the trigger.

To my absolute shock, he hit the target right between the eyes.  In excitement he jumped up, dropping the gun to the ground.  I paused and asked him what he was forgetting…

Without skipping a beat, he dropped to the ground, clicked the gun into safe-mode, and turned the barrel into a safe direction away from us but not towards the targets.

We ran down range and checked the target.  It was then that I saw how big a child’s smile could actually get.  He rushed back to the shooting mat and took up another defensive position, locked, loaded, and ready to fight future “zombies”… or as far as he knows, cardboard targets.

Teaching Kids To ShootAlthough this is just the beginning of a potential lifelong love of guns and the sport, it serves a much more important role.  He understands that this is a tool, and like any tool it can be used for good or evil.  Educating him at an early age on how to use it properly may just one day save his life, or ours… or simply keep him out of Starbucks.

Shooting is part of our heritage, and constitutionally protected.  When explained in full, carefully, by someone responsible enough to take on the risk, it can be rewarding for everyone… except Feinstein.





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  1. arkansawyer Says:

    Good people do three things,
    1) Love God
    2) Feed Those In Need
    3) Teach 4-year olds to shoot AR15′s

    Put those words on my gravestone.


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