What Happens AFTER America Collapses

The video below poses some GREAT thinking points about what America will look like after a collapse.

It gives you things to think about for what action YOU plan to take.

Just a little warning, the video’s audio cuts out at 5:45 mark which is a shame, but the points up until then are worth pondering heavily.

So what did you think?

Do you still feel as confident in what should be done with America after a collapse?

Why I like the premise, and the suggested solution this video poses, I do have some thoughts that were spurred out of reading the comments on this video from Youtube.

One of them was that, “there is no hope that humans could live peacefully together ever.”

While that is generally true, and you’ll want to beef up on your tactical training in case people come for your resources, the only problem with this comment is there are some examples of people who have not fought with each other…

The native Americans who lived in the Puget Sound, which are the waterways around Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, were able to live peacefully with the other tribes in their area, while most all other native American tribes were constantly going to war with each other.

So what did they do that made them peaceful?

They had an environment that created a SHIT ton of food, there’s just no other way to put it.

The Peugeot sound is a very unique environment that recycles more nutrients through its system and creates more life then practically any other area in the world.

There was unlimited amount of berries, wild game, fish, & water fowl.

Because their diet was nutritionally superior they were taller, stronger, and leaner then the settlers.

All Because Of An Abundance Of Healthy Food!

Because of this abundance of food, the native Americans of the pacific northwest were one of the very few cultures to develop advanced art.


Because they had enough spare time.

They didn’t need to spend all day hunting for and gathering food.

It was abundant.

So this raises the question…

If the only example of different groups of people living peacefully together is when there is an abundance of food & resources, then doesn’t that make producing resources in your community one of the best solutions for surviving this mess?

As I see it, no matter what scenario plays out… whether it’s a financial collapse, or civil war, complete anarchy or whatever, the most clear thinking & peaceful people will be people who are fed.

People aren’t good when they are hungry.

They are evil.

But What If You Don’t Live In The Puget Sound?

Even if you don’t live in an area that is naturally abundant with wild food and game, the cool thing about our society is that we now have developed technology that allows us to duplicate these SUPER productive & self sufficient systems in areas where they would not have occurred naturally before.

I’m not talking about big AG here.

I’m talking about a style of growing food, called ‘Food Forests’.

I have recently hired a permaculture designer to build one for myself..

These systems use the power of solar electricity to control animals, & backhoes to dig ponds and flood irrigation ways.

They’ve even discovered a group of plants called, Dynamic accumulators that have roots that can go down and grab nutrients lost to plants and trees on the surface and store it in their leaves.  So when their leaves die on the surface, those nutrients are again made available to the trees… it’s self regenerating fertilizer!

This stuff is so powerful that they can be created in destroyed dessert land, like this video shows:

It seems to me, that the one constant in every threat we face, whether you believe civil war is justified, or you’re a pacifist, is that food is required.

No stability has EVER existed where food was not abundant.

When I realized this, I went all in, with all my spare money and said, “Ok, God.  I’m going to build a farm.”

It might be small, and take me a while to figure out, but I’m going to try.

Even though I didn’t want to, and even though I’d rather go to the grocery store then pull weeds.  Even though I’d rather play with my kids versus spread cow shit over my acreage to start a food forest , I chose to build it.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve done it in time.

I pray I have.

All I know is that someone in my community needed to step up and take on the role of learning how to produce food without outside inputs like fertilizer and irrigation.

Someone needed to know how to keep producing when fuel can’t be found for tractors at any price.

So let it be me.

At least I’ll know I did all I could do in the end, and I think that’s all the good Lord expects.

I’ve been blessed with good fortune in my life, and to whom much is given much is required.  Maybe not required yet, but some day soon.

So I prepare for that day.

Not in a hoarding in the boondox kind of a way, but in a “Let me be a cornerstone of my community way”.

Not in a charitable way either, mind you.  But in a way that creates opportunity for work.  A project that’s bigger then myself and takes others to pull off, or others who can enhance it.  That takes someone’s resources that might otherwise be worthless, like a pig they can’t feed, that can be fattened under my chestnut orchard while fertilizing it.

Working in partnerships with others in this way increases raises EVERYONES’ standard of living.

Assets that were worthless, become worthwhile.

Mouths that needed feeding can now increase my output, and feed others too.

Therefore I challenge you, even if you feel inadequate…

How can you step up to the plate and provide more for your community?

Feel free to share those ideas by commenting below.

We need people to step up if we’re going to make it through to the other side.

7 Responses to “What Happens AFTER America Collapses”

  1. feather jacobs Says:

    the movie cut out at about 2/3 thru @ aprox 550


    • Chet Says:

      I know… I mention that in the post, but the first part is still worth the watch… hopefully the publisher will fix it at some point.


  2. Kymm Dessel Says:

    I absolutely loved the growing food in what was not possible before to help people help each other turn salty sand soil land into a self feeding garden puts a huge smile on my face. Makes so much sense to grow what ever food we are able no matter where we live or what size or condition. Where there is a will there is a way and we as humane people need to help feed each other no and always together every one help if its pull a weed plat groves of trees its what each of us can bring to the table in the time of need that matters.
    God Bless!


  3. budzbunny Says:

    Kingdoms RAGE and go to war…but the Peasants PLANT potatoes…


  4. Mtn. Hawk Says:

    It is possible!! I’m at 8,200 ft. above sea level growing a fairly good container garden system. Compost is of course the key, but also composted chicken manure. We’ve been mixing our own soil from not only those but the sifted dirt from pocket gofer holes every spring after the snow melts and ash from our wood burning stove. We’ve had excellent pea plantings with chard and lettuce in four of our 2′ x 4′ boxes. Enough to feed 12 people daily, and extra to dehydrate. Onoins, garlic, strawberries, camomile, carrots, and many others love it here. There’s never been a pesticide used here.
    My biggest project this last summer was to create covered beds with a clear and hardy vinyl to protect plants from hail. It worked!! Because the vinyl does not filter out ultra violet rays everything was green and healthy. I’ve used cumfry as a deep rooted mulch that pulls up minerals from very rocky soil, and use that as part of the soil building for beds.
    Another new idea I’m going to try next are beds for potatoes where you start a shallow bed let them grow up about 8″ put a tire over that and add dirt. When that grows another 8″ above, put on another tire and fill that. To harvest it simply pull up the tires and sort through the dirt. The tires provide warmth at night and keep the dirt from drying out!!! Might even work with tomatoes?!! I would love to have more people to help as my back ain’t what it used to be. I would truly enjoy a hobbit community.


    • Chet Says:

      Love the creativity Mtn. Hawk. I’ll be posting some pics of my very cool winter growing inventions/device soon. You’re right, it is possible.


  5. Gordon Says:


    I have thought about “What happens when everything runs out”? I am working on a 100% self-supporting and totally sustainable community of 150-200 persons on 13,000+ acres of arable and woodlands with small lakes and streams, in the Pacific Northwest. All kinds of disasters including nuclear war, EMP attack, and all forms of civil unrest will be planned for. Almost everything will be produced, not just for the immediate community but for those living in the surrounding rural areas for 10 miles. I call the project “Noah’s Arc”.

    The following will be produced:

    – Foods: 6 custom barns for fowl/animals, 30,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses for fruit and vegetables, aquaculture (10,000 fish),field vegetables, fruit and grains of all types, long-term storage,
    – Electricity: every home will have 10,000 watts of solar, common service from biomass, bio-gas, alcohol, possible hydro, private/central telephone and cable TV/movies (when the grid goes down),
    – Water: drilled wells, two lakes, 3 streams,
    – Clinic, fully equipped, with a doctor (GP/surgeon) and nurse practitioner,
    – Administration, school, gymnasium, food processing and storage,
    – Fallout Shelter: designed and supplied for 200 persons, some residences will have private shelters as well,
    – Manufacturing: two small plants equipped with a forge and presses to manufacture most small parts and replacement items,
    – Equipment: all gas/diesel converted to either methane or alcohol,
    – EMP: Faraday cages with backup electronics,
    – Private landing strip, 2,000 ft paved, FAA standards, aircraft hangers,
    – Ski hill, 10 miles of trails for recreation, 20 miles for horseback, snowmobiles and ATV’s,
    – And several other items.

    The intent is to supply the means for the surrounding community to survive and prosper, in harmony. A governing system has been designed based on everyone working and being productive, along the lines of the Amish and the Israeli Kibbutz. Designs are in progress, those consulted include an a (the) doctor, agricultural architect, agrogolist, veterinarian, electrical and mechanical engineers, military specialists in civil defense, self defense training and radiation sheltering, as well as several other knowledgeable consultants.

    Those interested may contact me if they wish.




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