Video proof that Scott Hunt is one CRAZY mother…

June 8, 2014

EMP Threats

The video below is about a crazy little adventure that we here at The Prepper Project refer to as, “Mr. Hunt’s Wild Ride”, and it happened while we were out filming our new Home EMProvement DVD at Scott Hunt’s homestead.

There we were, ready to film.

We’d showed up bright and early, excited to start the shoot… excited to meet Scott… and he greets us by saying…

“Wanna have a little tour of the place?”

I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but I probably should have paid more attention to his wife’s rolling eyes in the background…

Because Boy Oh Boy did Scott give us a tour!

Let’s just say it wasn’t like riding “It’s a Small World at Disneyland”

It was more like, hmmm…

Well, why don’t you see for yourself.

(the thunk at :48 seconds is where we hit the tree 😉 )

NOTICE: While no small animals or people were harmed in the filming of video, the same cannot be said of several of Mr. Hunt’s Oak Trees, the whole side of his pickup truck, or Mr. Hunts level of happiness after Mrs. Hunt saw what happened to the side of the pickup truck.


Chet Womach

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about the DVD program we put together with Scott Hunt, to teach you how to be more protected against the threat of an EMP or a CME then you can learn more about that program here:




3 Responses to “Video proof that Scott Hunt is one CRAZY mother…”

  1. Keith Says:

    Everybody has to let their hair down occasionally. Hope you
    guys didn’t get dirty?


  2. Alan Moore Says:

    Scott Hunt made reference in his video to a well pump and that the source would of information on this pump would be published on cannot locate this information! Glad to be exposed to this website as a source of prepping. Thanks


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