TEOTWAWKI: How We’re Prepping For It

April 12, 2013



ThePrepperProject.com was founded by the two cats you see above to share strategies for surviving TEOTWAWKI scenario (The End Of The World As We Know It).  We are Chet & Dave Womach and we started this project for three main reasons:

  1. To document our personal journey into how to prepare for a societal collapse/TEOTWAWKI.  We’ve noticed that committing to sharing our personal prepping updates and discoveries on a regular basis pushes us to prepare harder.
  2. To become more self reliant
  3. To expose our weaknesses in our preparedness journey, so that not only do Dave and I discover them before it’s too late… but that you may learn from our mistakes and shortcomings as well.  So that all of us can be better prepared.

You see, my brother and I live by one motto, which is…

“Hurry Up & Fail!”

We both come from pretty successful backgrounds.  Backgrounds that have taught us a little bit about what it takes to succeed in life.  And if there’s one thing both my brother and I have learned about what it takes to reach any goal you set out to achieve is that the path to success is riddled with failure.

To reach a goal means that you will fail more in each of the steps to achieving your goal then you could ever possibly hope to match in successes.  In other words, it’s a process of ten steps forward, nine steps back for each leg of the race.  Without those failures, we’d never move forward.

Succeeding in preparing for a societal collapse and TEOTWAWKI is no different.

The Biggest Mistakes Preppers Make

The biggest mistake that preppers make is thinking they can just go on the internet and look at cool reviews of survival gear… buy that stuff, and think they are prepared.

While that is certainly better then nothing, my experience has ALWAYS shown every time I go to use that cool new gear the first time it does NOT work like I expected.  There are a few exceptions but they are rare.

Our vision of this website is to show those mistakes to you, usually of our own making.  But also by bringing in expert contributors to this blog that can bring you their wisdom of knowing what sounds good in theory vs. what actually works in the real world.

We want to be the people who test this gear, and test prepping strategies to separate what works from what doesn’t.

There are three categories of preparedness that we want to work all of the kinks out of before a social or economic collapse is upon us; they are:

  1. Staying Fed (When the supply chain stops)
  2. Self Defense & Property Defense (When the Police aren’t coming)
  3. Medical Aid (Where there are no doctors)

On Staying Fed

There are three main types of strategies for staying fed.

  1. Food Storage
  2. Food Production
  3. Food Preservation

We believe that Food Storage, specifically Freeze Dried Food Storage, is the first priority for you as a prepper.  There are some great Freeze Dried Food companies out there that sell great tasting food that you can just stuff away and not have to worry about rotating out or having your food go bad.  We review many of these companies, and strategies for getting the most out of these foods.

We believe you should have at least 1 million store-able calories of food per member of your family, and that acquiring this food supply is your first priority.  1 million calories per person is enough calories to feed an adult for one year very well.

This is more then enough food storage to survive any short term crisis for up to a year.

But What If The Crisis Is Longer Then 1 Year?

Some experts believe that there are certain crisis that could last for nearly a decade before society is able to recover.  I am admittedly no expert on predicting when this societal collapse will occur or for how long it will last, however an EMP over the heartland of America could cripple us for decades, whereas a financial collapse may only injure us for a couple years.


If we do run into a situation where we are needing to use up our year-food supply, then sustainable gardening and farming skills are something you need to start learning about now, as the learning curve is too steep to learn in a single year.

My personal belief is that raising chickens or some other form of easy-to-raise livestock needs to be at the foundation of your long term food production plan.  If raised correctly an animal like a chicken can be a major fertility booster for your soils. But what do you feed them?  What crops will sustain them through winter?  What about breeding for meat?  These are all questions that I’m learning too, and share with you amongst the pages and articles of this site.

One of the ways we teach you how to meet the food requirements of your livestock is through something called a Permaculture Food Forest.  A Food Forest is a style of gardening that imitates natures way of growing things in stacks.  It uses trees, bushes, vines and shade loving edible plants to make a more sustainable food producing ecosystem that can be maintained without outside inputs like fertilizers… to feed your livestock, and also feed you.

You Need To Discover Your Local Food Production Constraints

Certain climates like the one I live in (the Pacific/Maritime Northwest) are not able to grow good vegetable gardens without fertilizer.  Stocking fertilizer is an option but learning to grow your own organic fertilizers is something I’m actively doing and show you how to do as well.  Did you know there are plants that can be grown that act like fertilizer?  We bring you the experts that show you how to find, grow and apply them yourself.

My climate also doesn’t get any rain in our growing season, and attempts at drilling a well have failed… so I’ve had to become an expert at Rainwater Harvesting.  We share several creative solutions on how you can harvest rainwater to not only irrigate your gardens and orchards, but also provide clean drinking water.

There’s just one problem with all this long term food production stuff…

Food Production is not something that you’re likely to pull off in the city.  It just takes too much space.

Even if you could pull it off you’ll be in an area with way too many other hungry mouths eying your preps.

No thanks.

You’ll Need To Bug-Out Of The City

Finding a survival treat, or bugging out is the safer option.  Because most of our jobs are in the cities, bugging out early is not a realistic option for most people.  This may mean that you’re forced to bug out too late.  Have you thought about building a bug out bag, or finding a bug out vehicle to make it to safety.  If not we’ll teach you what you need to have.

Our vision is to help you navigate the logistics of bugging out and to test the gear you may need to save your life and get your family to safety.  Will you need to hunt, fish or trap for your food?  What is the best long term survival stove?  These are the sorts of things we try to show you by doing live demos so you don’t end up getting deficient gear that could get you killed.

So You’ve Successfully Bugged Out… Now What?

You’ve made it to a secure retreat or cabin outside of the major metropolitan cities safely… but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods.

People will come for you.

Starving people will do crazy things.  Think about it, if you need to rely on your food production skills to live, then you are one of a very few percentage of the American public that are still regularly eating.  The rest are hungry and desperate.  How will you handle them?  After all, what lengths would you be willing to go to, to feed your starving child?  It doesn’t take a juvenile’s imagination to conjure up outcomes of what convicts would be willing to do to simply feed themselves.

How will you handle the people who no longer can get their medications that keep them normal?

How will you handle inmates who have been released because the prisons can’t feed them?

How will you handle looters?

What will gang members do if they know no police are on patrol.

You Need To Know How To Defend Yourself, Possibly Even Attack

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.22.08 PM

There are wonderful training schools that teach firearms training, and weapons manipulation.  But one area where my brother and I realized we wanted to get better at was tactical shooting, fighting in buddy teams and night vision training.  There’s a reason why our troops with PTSD dream in Night-Vision-Green… hunting humans at O-Dark-Thirty was the most effective way to eliminate the threat.

There are some schools that teach this stuff, but they are far away from our location and budget, so we decided to take a different approach.

We knew everybody could benefit if we were to bring the instructors to us, along with our video crew.  This way we get the one-on-one training captured on film, and you can learn right along with us.

We don’t do this to try to be the ‘Go To Experts’ ourselves, but instead as participants of a training class.  It’s kinda like we’re the fat kid on the soccer field that learns a real life lesson the hard way.  Truth be told, it’s a little humbling looking at the footage of us messing things up as we learn; but that’s what learning is about, and we also believe that’s what being a good teacher is about.

Own The Night - Training DVD Vol 1 Released April 15, 2013

Own The Night – Training DVD Vol 1
Released April 15, 2013

To start training members of your family or retreat on tactical training, take a serious look at our Tactical Training For Preppers DVD, called “Own The Night”.

So stay tuned for lots of tactical shooting videos that discuss things like flanking tactics, how to retreat when you’re outgunned, taking down a vehicle, fighting from vehicles, patrols etc.

Lots of firearms instructors don’t teach this stuff to civilians, because it’s the kinds of things that military and SWAT are responsible for, not citizens.  But if there ever comes a day when those guys aren’t around to help me solve a problem where a buddy and I need to execute tactics to save our families, I feel it’s my duty to not only learn those things myself, but share as much as I can about my learning process with you as well.

The Often Ignored: Medical Preparedness Plan

Emergency medical skills are not something that Dave and I are experts on, but we have a series of experts lined up for you from Herbal Medicine Gurus to Battle Field Medics to Medical Doctors whose goal is to show you what medicines, medical gear, and equipment you’ll be most likely to need if there is no doctor available.

Stuff like how to stave off infection, how to treat a burn,  suture a wound, or remedies to bring comfort in a world where there is no ibuprofen.  Many of these off-the-grid solutions are currently available under sud0-names without a prescription.

Follow Along With Our Prepping Projects

Have you ever played on a sports team where your whole team lines up to try something new?

The first guy always does the worst.  The second guy learns from the first’s failures and does better… and after three or four guys have gone, the rest of the team does the exercise perfectly.

There’s a scientific term for this called, Observational Learning, and we hope that by sharing our prepping projects with you, and allowing you to see our failures and shortcomings, that you will be able to better avoid fatal pitfalls that might be your undoing in a societal or economic collapse.

Here’s to more of us making it through to the other side.


47 Responses to “TEOTWAWKI: How We’re Prepping For It”

  1. Inez Barras Says:

    thanks for the info; I’m doing some general research this weekend, found your site. I’m lucky: my house and land are mine and I know how to garden. with a fence I could keep goats and 2 or 3 chickens. TEOTWAKI may be around the corner, but I can spin yarn and blend wools and knit socks and weave and quilt, and I’ve got heavy-duty sewing machinesand even my great-grandmother’s treadle machine.

    like most of the family, I’m a jack of all trades. if you should have questions pertaining to dry-cleaning (I press heavily starched shirts) or fabric in general, give me a hollar. I’ll keep you guys on the horizon.

    in harmony,


  2. Jim Says:

    Nice info… The best survival tool is between your ears. Survival is a state of mind, not those gimmicks that people buy. Knowledge is power and it’s free!! I live in the sticks, I raise chickens, rabbits, and goats. Chickens are a great commodity! You have eggs, meat, and broth that you can save for later. You can also make gunpowder from chicken poop, rotten eggs, (sulphur) and charcoal from burnt wood. Crude but effective. SFC, US Army Retired **STAND FOR THE 2ND**


  3. Geo Says:

    Most of your website I like. Good information that is presented well. Sadly I take issue with your one-sided, partisan political views. You certainly have a right to your right-wing, nut-job viewpoints. And I certainly have the right to tune you out. You would have been better served keeping your politics to yourselves.


    • Chet Says:

      Completely disagree with you GEO. I wish people aired their opinions on their sleeve more often. It reveals the person’s true intentions and opens up honest questioning of ones view of the world.

      For example, I obviously said something somewhere on this site that you disagree with.

      I think that you choosing to just tell me to keep my point of view to myself as very un-constructive. I might not have the right view of the world… but by sharing my view of the world with you it gives you the opportunity to question me in a comment or disagree with me, versus just call me a nut job.

      A good honest question about a whole that you see in my view of the world might make me take a deeper look at things… and might make me change my mind.

      Or my response to you might make you change your mind.

      And if either of us questioning each other helps one of us come to see a truth we didn’t see before then we’re all the better for it.

      But if I don’t share my political views then none of that is possible… no change is possible… nobody get’s closer to truth.

      And for the record, we’re very much not right wing. Right wing vs. left is a false argument in my opinion, designed by elites to keep us fighting against ourselves.

      I think what Bush did with the violation of our privacy via the Patriot act is an abomination, and I think it is terrible that big business can buy special privileges through lobbying to pass laws that hurt you and I and make it harder for new businesses to compete with them.

      And I hate the Democrats issues on taxing the rich as if those that work hard owe it to lazy people to pay there way… and that only the state should have weapons, because history is full of powerful leaders who oppress the people they rule when those who they oppose cannot fight back… because Governments have killed more people in the history of mankind then practically any other example, and because police don’t show up until after a home intruder has attacked you.

      So I will not stop sharing my opinions, and I welcome your honest questioning of theories we share on this site.


      • Dave Says:

        Wow. That’s a great reply!


      • Ray White Says:

        When we stop talking to one another and especially when we stop questioning one another, we are lost. Chet, there can be no progress without meaningful discourse. And that is only one of the things on which I agree with you completely.


      • Survivalistrn Says:

        Sadly, the tolerant liberal leftist are only tolerant if you think exactly as they do. There viewpoints cannot be supported in meaningful discussion because they are based on an unrealistic utopian delusion.


      • Kim Says:

        I am not a democrat, nor a republican. I am a Christian. I have taken care of myself my entire adult life. I am now 60 and on disability retirement. I have always had to scrape to get by, yet I have worked hard all my life. Many poor work hard all their lives and still need services to make it month to month. Kindness would dictate that the rich would lovingly and joyfully be happy to give of the blessings they have received. There are those that abuse the system, but it is not your place to judge. When you give you give to the Lord and He will deal with those that cheat. God is not blind to this. Nor is He blind those who give grudgingly. Matthew 25:34-45 King James Version (KJV)

        34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

        35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

        36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

        37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

        38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

        39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

        40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

        41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

        42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

        43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

        44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

        45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

        That’s is the blessing of giving to others, whether they deserve it or not, it will not return void because you did it for someone Jesus loves and He will reward that. Also, sadly, I am of the opinion that many rich people got rich by cheating the people out of money. Our country would be so so much better off if we would have stuck to hemp. Many of our recycling and garbage problems would be would be nil. All peoples would have a better life. But no. The oil barons and pharmaceuticals and politicians outlawed it. I’m sure there are good rich people out there but . . . And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24. We are not meant to have excessive luxury.
        And God did not intend for His children to go hungry, have poor health care, drink contaminated water, used as warriors and human shields. I can do little to help, but I do a little.
        As for guns, I wish I could buy a few and a s***load of bullets.


        • nemille Says:

          Yes, we should be generous with the less fortunate, but it should be done through voluntary donations to church and charity, not through mandatory taxation and government programs.


      • woodsynut Says:

        Well said i think that you are very thought provoking i would like to explore more of what you offer on this site.I to have some of the same views as you an your brother and yes i think we are in for a world wide collapse of economies and anarchism . It’s just a matter of time.


      • Justin Says:

        Very well said


    • Dirk Williams Says:

      What a FUCKTARD,.
      You boys keep spreading the word. Your doing the right thing. How can an informed person NOT see the forest thru the trees.



    • David Goodman Says:

      Geo is concern trolling. Nice.

      There is no place in society for your narrow-minded intolerance. When things get ugly maybe Oprah will let you sleep on her sofa.


    • Larry Fink Says:

      Liberals believe they have it all wired, and are smarter than anyone with another point of view. They cannot help calling them “right wing nut jobs”.
      It’s called Liberal Progressives “talking points”. Unable to think for themselves, they just mimic each other that way.


  4. Frank Says:

    I think your site is great. I have been a pepper for quite some time. The information you provide is accurate. I have been using “Aquaponics” for the last year. Have you looked into this? It is a great way to subsidize one’s food cache. The benefits are almost immediate. Thanks again for the wealth of information you are sharing.


    • Chet Says:

      I haven’t looked into it yet Frank. I know some that have, but right now just learning about Food Forests in my climate is a full time job. I do hope to be bringing on some experts in the aquaponics area in the future though. Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by.


  5. Diana Richards Says:

    Love your site, guys! Keep up the great work. You are a force for good in this world & are helping a lot of us out on the Interwebs :-)
    Diana, RN


  6. Pam Says:

    I LOVE your response about opinions.
    And failing is something I’ve become intimately familiar with these last four years. Both in my professional life (25 years as an RN) and in our homesteading path. Profound failures…devastating failures that I had never experienced. The kind that make you question your core construct.
    I came to “prepping” via self reliance/ sustainability mindset. After thirteen years in the army and years of backpacking before that, being prepared for the worst is just what you “do”.
    I watched your video about starving if shtf were to have happened already due to pest pressure on your crops. My problem was mainly predator pressure with some interfamily support issues. We’ve mostly worked out both issues but at the tender age of fifty, learning humility thru failure is tough stuff. I had never failed at anything I had attempted prior to these experiences. Hurry up and fail is “priceless”. Thank you for taking the effort to share with us. And BTW, your fiction writing is waaaay better than that Rawles dude. So keep at it.


  7. Petero Says:

    Am glad I stumbled onto your site. Have been reading articles and am impressed with the content. Have been prepping for a little while, and good sound info and knowledge is key to survival. Thanks for what you do here! I will be bookmarking this site.


  8. grandma Says:

    …just came across this site and was spent a few minutes pleasantly engrossed in a few different topics presented. Thank you


  9. Lee Moberg Says:

    OK, I know I am late, but I would like to comment on your May 26th 2013 statement about the Patriot Act being unconstitutional. The Patriot Act was signed into law on Oct 26th 2001 in direct response to the attacks on the world trade center and Pentagon. As I was underway on the USS Carl Vinson on Sep 11th, Oct 7th and Oct 26th, I take great exception to you labeling the patriot act unconstitutional. For those of you who have forgotten those dates, do a little historical research, think about where you were on that day. The Patriot act quite possibly saved hundreds if not thousands more lives above and beyond those lost on Sep 11th. I have absolutely zero sympathy for those people who think their civil rights have been trampled on by the patriot act. Until you have walked a mile in the shoes of a ground pounder getting shot at in Afghanistan, or had a friend beheaded by some piece of shit, stuff it in your ass you whiney pussy! If the Patriot act saved 1 life it was worth it. If you think the Patriot Act was unconstitutional, get off your ass, crawl down to a recruiter and put your life on the line for your country.


    • Chet Says:

      I could not possibly disagree with you more Lee. And I think that the logic you are using is at the heart of why civilizations always go through the same patterns of continually passing more oppressive laws until the people revolt.

      People always choose security over freedom as a priority.

      I believe that is poor thinking.

      I believe that freedom should come before security.

      I believe what Ben Franklin, wrote, or said, “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

      And while I am not trying to take anything away from those who are fighting for our country abroad. I personally believe that the BIGGER threat is the attack on our liberties vs. the attacks by terrorists.

      I’m sure many would disagree, but that’s where I stand in my current thinking. (which is never locked in and absolute by the way)


    • Paul G Says:

      Wow Lee Because you went to an irrelevant war in Afghanistan does not make you an authority on civil rights nor does it mean you fought for our freedom. You fought for your corporate sponsors.

      I too am an Army veteran. Served 3 years for MI Battalion out of Fort Bragg and I think the Patriot act is unpatriotic.


    • Larry Fink Says:

      Lee, I believe our civil rights (yours and mine)have in fact been trampled on by the patriot act. When your government can jail or quarantine a segment of society with which they disagree… for an indiscriminate length of time, with no charges… you and I are no longer “free”. Or, perhaps we can say that we are not as free as we were before the act became law. The Muslim mass killers in San Bernardino were not intercepted by the patriot act. The Boston mass Bombers were not intercepted. The Fort hood mass killer was not intercepted. So who was intercepted?
      Lee, Thank you for being man enough to serve in the military. The horrors of that are scars that never go away. I put my life on the line for a total of 28 years. Three years in the Army overseas (64-66) and 23 years a State Trooper (67-90). I came home to fight in the riots for 5 years(Draft Centers & University Riots). I was never on a ship such as the Carl Vincent, but did get a 13 day cruise with 5000 other soldiers on the USS Maurice Rose…. twice. At the time, I thought that was cruise was horrible…but learned soon thereafter what horror actually looks and smells like. Then as a State Trooper, I was bathed in horror on a pretty regular basis.. I was fortunate for having survived, when so many others did not. This week I go yet to a young Trooper’s funeral. He was killed three days ago while working out of the same area office that I retired out of. Again Lee, thank you for being one of the few of us who do serve our country. I read pain between the lines of your thoughts in print… and I am sorry you have that live with.


    • leonard Says:

      lee, your a fucking moron! think about the vietnam war for a second. every one of those men that fought in that war, thought they were fighting for america’s freedoms. well america was DEFEATED in that war!ask yourself what freedoms have been attacked since the very start of american involvement in that war? then look and see just who attacked those freedoms!!and by the way, it has now been shown 100% that the reason we used to start the “offical” war in vietnam, was a FUCKING LIE!!!
      my ANCESTORS came to this country on the mayflower! some of them were here long before that ship arrived. they have fought in every war america has been involved in!
      anyone that for even 1 second thinks that they personaly have fought for the freedoms of any american, has been brainwashed, you fought only for the rights of corporations to make huge profits selling supplies and equipment to fight wars with!! they would not survive with out these wars being started and the lies used to justify those wars. even WWII involvement of america was BASES ON LIES!!! the american government did everything they could to get germany to attack even 1 ship, and literly forced japan to attack pearl harbor, and covered up the knolledge of it so as to outrage american citizens so they would break their necks getting down to the recruiters!!
      take a look at iraq. how the fuck did iraq do anything we needed to kick their ass for? every one of the excuses the president used to justify attacking iraq turned out to be a lie!! and the excuse they used to try sadam and exicute him for? they claim he gassed the kurds in retailation for a failed assination attempt! what the fuck happened at WACO TEXAS? oh, the government gassed and burned alive a bunch of its citizens including 18 little children, for NO CRIMES!!!
      so lee, go on beleiving the lies you were given, pound your chest etc… and think you are a hero, but the reality is your just an idiot!


  10. chuck Says:

    are you two a couple if so how long its just the way you look. its a nice site for you being gay outstanding job. thanks for all the good info. sorry i dont aprove of the gay life style. thanks Chuck


  11. Don Says:

    I came to your website thru a link to read the fictional story. The rest of the site looks good. Keep up the good work.


  12. Viet Vet Says:

    Libelturds like geo crack me up. If or when the SHTF they will be the first to bang on your door demanding that you share with them because you are the new 1%. The only thing I’d share with the demonnrats who got us into this mess is a bullet.


  13. KLH Says:

    Been thinking about prepping a couple of years and just started getting into it, you know like what do I need to do first, what I need for survival, what knowledge. etc. I ran across your website and its like a “god-sent” answer to a lot of my questions. Thanks for the heads up on options and ideas. Would love to be come part of a prepper group to share information and support. I am in the North part of Oklahoma, near Enid.


  14. Dana Parriera Says:

    Hello. Just popped open your site and love the information. I found your dry canning page and have a question for you. I am struggling to find an answer for. I would like to store flour, sugar, rice, ect for long term in mason jars. And I have found that I can do oxygen packs, food-saver mason jar sealing, and dry canning for this. But I live in a very high humidity area. What is the best way for storing in a high humidity place, that doesn’t cause bacteria to grow? I am new to this and have no one to ask. And other sites I have visited, don’t seem to know, or they live in area’s with low humidity. Any ideas or thoughts would be great. Anyhow. Thanks for the help and look forward to hearing an answer, so that I can get on this… Thanks:)


  15. Larry Clifton Says:

    Good comments and info all around. Being prepared is sensible and prudent. BUT it can also be fun and educational. The young people today who are starting new families need to get on board. the safety and well being of their loved ones should be paramount. The ‘skills’ learned in the process of being prepared are things you can use for a better life IF things don’t all fall apart. Just start doing it and enjoy the learning curve. ALL of us are better people and more useful to one another when we have ‘skills’. Enjoy and keep up the good work.


  16. Roy Batty Says:

    You guys are straight up nuts.


    • Chet Says:

      Ah, you’re just going to call me nuts and not leave any room for debate? Tisk, tisk. Feel free to call me out on something you disagree with, and lets have a back and forth about it. I certainly don’t know everything in the world and you might just change my mind. Its happened before.


  17. Gizmomed Says:

    i thank you both for the great work you’re doing here! I’ve been prepping for about 8 years now after several years of falling down the rabbit hole trying to find answers to the questions as to why things just didn’t seem right… My awakening, I suppose. The journey to sustainability has a tough learning curve and your site, among others, has been an outstanding resource for me!
    I understand the normalcy bias of the majority, as I had to overcome my own, but I now see the danger it poses to those who are preparing and no longer say much to those who aren’t. Time seems to be growing short and every day is precious. Thanks again, guys! Keep it coming as long as you can!


  18. Penny Says:

    Just found your site through a link to your video “Own the Night”. I enjoyed this article and especially the comments. I find it sad when people disagree they immediately begin name calling. It is certainly not constructive and doesn’t move the conversation forward in any way. However, I do learn all kinds of colorful new words!


  19. Rick Says:

    Thanks for good info and youra good outlook / attitude.


  20. Caleb Says:

    This is just my personal opinion but my theory is that the Rapture will coincide with TEOTWAWKI. So if my theory is right, those of us who are Christian have nothing to worry about


  21. william jacobs Says:

    how to cancel the automatic monthly payment to this site, please cancel my subscription


  22. miss williams Says:

    Shouldn’t your dvd be in print instead, since food preserving without electricity means there will be no electricity, then you can’t use the dvd either.


  23. Claude Jensen Says:

    Food for Thought:
    Thank y’all for the information on your site and your work. For the past couple of years I have been longing to “live off the grid.” An idea came to me, thanks to John Chapman, -aka Johnny Appleseed – as I was planning a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The idea in short, was to become a Modern Nomadic Man. I thought maybe I could learn what plants were available along the AT. After researching I found there are not many plants or animals along the trail to forage/hunt. However like Mr. Chapman planting apple trees from Pittsburgh to Indiana, I wondered what would grow well in each climate along the trail like sweet potatoes/yams or beans for example. Not right on the trail but a little ways off the trail. They would be small gardens all along the way Then one could venture from Georgia to Maine and have a food supply without having to carry much of it. And your food supply would not be all in one area. I know this is probably a wacky idea. But I wanted to throw it out there as food for thought. What do y’all think?


    • Chet Says:

      To be honest its not that different then what I’m trying to do at my place strategically in a food forest. I’m trying to find things that will grow without ‘The System’. And it would really be taking those same principals and putting them to work. I like the outside the box thinking, I think that’s the real key.


  24. TheSouthernNationalist Says:

    Hey Chet,
    Really enjoy this site, has good info.
    One thing I would like to see you cover and I haven’t seen this mentioned before is gun parts for repairs.

    A lot of sites say stock up on guns and ammo but what happens when things break? Cant run down to the gun store during SHTF and get replacements!
    Also a gunsmithing course would be extremely helpful.


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