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The Collapse Started Yesterday – Interview With Author – James Wesley, Rawles

September 30, 2013


“If you’re asking when the collapse is going to happen, the answer is yesterday.  It’s time to sell your HD TV and get serious about your preps.” – James Wesley, Rawles We’re fortunate to live in the information age with so many  people who are willing and able to share information quickly and for free, […]

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TEOTWAWKI: How We’re Prepping For It

April 12, 2013



ThePrepperProject.com was founded by the two cats you see above to share strategies for surviving TEOTWAWKI scenario (The End Of The World As We Know It).  We are Chet & Dave Womach and we started this project for three main reasons: To document our personal journey into how to prepare for a societal collapse/TEOTWAWKI.  We’ve noticed […]

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