Why was Silver just hit so hard?

October 30, 2014

Economic News

Here are a few thoughts I thought were worth sharing, on why silver was hit so hard today, from one of my favorite alternative thinking youtuber out there.

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  1. AC Says:

    Silver and gold are down because QE is (supposedly) ending – this means, among other things, that interest rates will rise.


  2. Michael Says:

    What will we do with all this gold and silver when TSHTF? It’s only value will be in what it can be exchanged for. Those things will likely be food, water, clothing and shelter and tools. Why not buy these things instead. Then when TSHTF, you can exchange for gold and silver, although it’s unlikely you’d be willing to do so.


    • Chet Says:


      If we’re talking about saving silver for when the SHTF then I understand your point. But when it comes to rebuilding a life after, it makes sense to have your wealth hold its value through a collapse and still be wealth out on the other side. I have friends who view this as how to handle a portion of their retirement, so it doesn’t get wiped out.

      The other way to look at it is if society does not crumble all the way, but merely stays in a state of long term depression. Gold and silver did well during the last one of those too.


    • DG--WTF Says:

      PMs are not for when TSHTF it is for AFTER– you should be stocking on Water, canned food, a generator and gas wood for heating, guns and ammo for protection – things like that — then after IF things settle down then you can use your PMs


    • chow Says:

      You think as if when SHTF we go back to stone age and become savages. All through history of civilization gold and silver were still used for exchange. What made you think it’s going to be any different after SHTF this time? I’ve read a lot opinions or thinking like yours and to me it doesn’t make sense. Yes, you buy the stuff you need but put aside something for exchange.


  3. chow Says:

    Paper silver is down to $16 but the price of physical has remained the same since the price of paper silver is $18. It seems the premium for physical is going up in relation to the drop in paper price to maintain the price of physical. I’ve compared prices and most are around $19’s.


  4. Boyd White Says:

    Long remember the Liberty Dollar and the patriot Bernard von Nothuas. All noble attempts to retain value in our lives can be circumnavigated by bad laws. All bad laws can be sugarcoated as being “good for the people”. But as all moral faiths around the world profess…accurate scales must be preeminent for an honest civilized society. Stealing, like the Gold Act of 1934, cannot be construed as good law or having accurate scales.


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