Shotgun Scabbard For Your Bug Out Bag

May 1, 2013

Survival Gear

Breachers Shotgun Scabbard

Breachers Shotgun Scabbard

As you’re putting together your Bug Out Bag, and going through our Bug Out Bag Checklist, it’s important to consider your weapon and how you’ll carry it.

One option that I’ve recently put a lot of effort and thought into is a shotgun scabbard with molle attachments.

This will allow you to put it on your Bug Out Bag, as well as outfit it with any additional items as necessary, including a molle case to hold shotgun ammo.

They come in all different sizes and colors, based on your current needs.  So check out our quick video, and see if this is something you should add to your bug out bag, no matter what weapon you choose to carry.

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