Prepper Tactics – Breaking Contact

We can all learn a lot by communicating and networking with our military friends.  I have to admit that I find it a bit strange that you can “YouTube” all of our military’s basic tactics, or buy the books on Boobytraps, Platoon, or even the 50 Cal Machine Gun.  Nonetheless, I find it very valuable to find these, watch them, and decode them for prepper-use.

The following is a video on Breaking Contact.  If and when you encounter enemy fire, you will need to react to contact, assault, or break contact.  The following video shows how the military requires units to break contact.  As with many of our videos, you can substitute teams of 6, for a one or two man team.

I challenge you to take a moment to review the following video, and ask yourself how you’d break contact in the following three scenarios:\

1) At a movie theater

2) At your retreat/house

3) Downtown at your nearest “big-city”

Next, all I ask is that you find a way to practice this the next time you meet up with your battle-buddy, militia, or whatever else you have going for you.

This will start to make you think tactically, and be ready for your next day on the range.

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