December 28, 2016


Hook Your Emergency Water Storage Tanks Into Your Plumbing With This 1 Clever Trick

emergency water storage

Water is life. As a prepper, as an outdoors person, and even as a human, this fact has been drilled into our heads over and over. It’s a cornerstone of the “Rule of Threes.” Three days without water, and the human body starts to suffer the consequences. Water has a big place in our preparations, […]

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December 12, 2016


More Food from the Wild and Your Yard – Graft Fruit Trees!


I once did a horticultural analysis of a property way out in the scrublands. The owner had good clean water, no real neighbors, a great location… and hot, fast-drying, mineral-poor sand that was really, really bad for gardening. There was no couching it. I had to tell him: this area just won’t cut it for most of your planned annual […]

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December 8, 2016


Herbal Medicines You’ll Need When Doctors Disappear

Herbal Medicines You'll Need When Doctors Disappear

For most of us, it’s easy to take medical care for granted. Access is only a drive or helicopter ride away. For now at least. Those of us in the preparedness community know that we can’t always rely on modern infrastructure to fully function forever. At some point there are going to be disruptions, whether […]

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December 6, 2016

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Top 10 Survival Skills You’ll Need To Know To Survive The Coming Collapse


There’s a ton of worry around the world today. A new President in the US, terrorism, natural disasters, and movies and TV shows based on worldwide disaster have only heightened the worry. Who knows if Hollywood and the news are making people more anxious about the state of affairs in the world, or if movies […]

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December 6, 2016


Top 3 DIY Survival Projects That Could Save Your Life In The Coming Collapse

diy survival projects

Anyone who is awake can clearly see the social and economic turmoil all around us. The need to prepare has never been more clear. The three DIY survival projects described in this article could be part of a ‘Plan C’ survival strategy. Plan A might be to shelter in place. Plan B might be to […]

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December 5, 2016


Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Harvesting Rain Water

harvesting rain water

Harvesting rain water should be a priority for any serious prepper or gardener. Did you ever go on a long hike, then find yourself parched with thirst? The need for water catches up with you quickly. If the city water or your well shut down for a week, would you be able to survive or […]

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