New AR15 Blows Away The Competition

July 26, 2013

Gear Reviews

Are you the kind of person who is afraid to drop their highspeed AR15 rifle from waist level because you’re afraid to scratch that pretty little gun, and possibly hurt it?  Well if that’s you, don’t watch this video.

We took a Mirage AR15 from and blew it up.  That’s right, blew it up, picked it up and dumped 2,000 rounds through it.  Think it held up to the test?  Check out the video now.

If you like this weapon, tune in Monday, July 29 for The Gun Show, where we’ll be interviewing Garrett Potter, founder of Special Ops Tactical, and he’ll be giving one away!  Tune in for details!

One thing that you’ll need to know… you must enter to win by clicking here, and entering your email address.  We’ll email you a special password that you’ll need to know, in order to be call in and win.  Good luck!

7 Responses to “New AR15 Blows Away The Competition”

  1. Dirk Williams Says:

    DUDE!, that was actually pretty darn cool. I’ve seen then dragged, thrown off houses, but never intentionally blown up. Different.



    • Chet Says:

      And I know you asked about specs Dirk, Dave will be interviewing the developer/builder/creator of this AR on his Monday show, and we plan to be asking all those types of questions.


  2. NNipp Says:

    Thanks for promptly mailing me my copy of the Own The Night CD. How do I listen in on your Gun Show on Monday? Step by step or click by click would be nice. Thx.


    • Chet Says:

      You have to subscribe to our email list… that’s where I send the instructions with a secret Password. To sign up on our list sign up for the free video ’12 Items Worth More Then Bullion’ on our site, and I’ll email you out the instructions.


      • Dirk Williams Says:

        Been listening, great show men. Congratulations to whoever won the rifle. I’m sure it is a fine weapon.

        Chet, Dave, thanks for a great site. It’s become my favorite. Off to the Umpqua river, for some whit water early in the morning.

        Gotta go prep a few boats.

        Have a great night and thank you both again. You guys are my kinda folks.



  3. Grant Says:

    i know this video is old…. buuuuuttt i had to stop in and say..sick music!.. blue stahil kick ass, dont hear to much industrial rock in with stuff like this..

    that rifle is badass too. pretty much just sold me on one of their uppers.


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