Molle Vest Set Up – It could save your life, and the family you protect…

October 28, 2012

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The more gear the better… right?  Wrong!  You need to be mobile, agile, and tactical.  That’s why we’ve put together this short video; to show preppers one of the many ways that you can set up your molle vest.

There’s no “one-answer.”  It will all depend on what you are preparing for.  For many, it might just be competition.  For others, it’s TEOTWAWKI or SHTF (The End Of The World As We Know It… and I think you can figure the other one).  Either way, it’s important that you do something that isn’t taught in public schools… “think”.

Think about how you will use your gear.

Consider the various options.

Challenge your current beliefs.  (Sounds cliche, but that’s the best advice you’ll get today…)

Do you really need all that fancy crap?  Why not just streamline low and tight?  Keep minimal ammunition, no extra bags and dump pouches.  What do you think you’ll actually use?  Even Special Forces and Marines have reported going in with 7 magazines of ammo.  If you think you need more than that, congratulations, you’re an optimist or extremely naive… (or your in the armed forces and have experience to prove otherwise… in which case, you don’t need this damn blog)

Keep in mind… this is potentially a life or death decision.  Do you REALLY want to haul around that extra dump bag, or 12 magazines of ammo?  If so… good luck.  My vest and gun adds exactly 50 lbs to my own body weight, and I only have six extra magazines.  That means that I’m trecking roughly 225 lbs of weight through the woods, the swamp, or the desert, depending on where I’m training, and I’m a scrawny S.O.B.

Check out our video on the Molle Vest Set Up and reflect on your choices.  You may go with our recommendations, or you may realize that you have a different direction all together.

Either way, please… for you and your family… think…

Most people fail to think.  Get a pad and paper or write on a white board.  Whatever you have to do… brainstorm your options, and choose wisely.  Choose as if your life depended on it, and make the decision… then, apply it, practice, and follow through with it.

Good luck.

3 Responses to “Molle Vest Set Up – It could save your life, and the family you protect…”

  1. DT Says:

    I agree to keep low, travel light and carry protection. I have read that the Rambo style will stand out in a croud and be a target for robbery or worse. There may be someone better armed and trained that wants what you have. It is safer to try to conceal everything if possible and appear to blend in and look poor. Camo does not work if you are in the city. A small can of cheap sticky hair spray in the eyes is great to get away fast, and it is not expected.


  2. Oso Says:

    Prepper, prepper, prepper, prepper for what? is so many SHTF scenarios but if you have to defend your house from looters attacks like happened in Louisiana Katrina hurricane you can wear all you fancy stuff if the stupid government dont disarm you first leaving your house and family in the mercy of criminals. Apart of that situation im agree with DT, for street walk conceal the much you can.


  3. osros Says:

    Yeah concealment is best all around. There are are so many scenarios for your own house and property/land I don’t mind so much the gear will be handy but if your own the move conceal and don’t look like a thread but have what you need will get you further.


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