I Bet You a Bloody-Battle-Buddy That Your Armor Can’t Do This!

March 28, 2013

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Stay Calm, Easy Curves Ahead

Stay Calm, Easy Curves Ahead

On Monday; getting free Infidel Body Armor is easier than getting into Lindsay Lohan’s pants.  I know, I know… It’s hard to believe that back before the days of “Mean Girls” that troubled little teen would have been comparable to scaling Mount Tapochau during the invasion of Saipan in WWII, out numbered 10 to 1 while dodging lethal-lead rain and struggling over your dead and wounded to hopefully reach that sacred apex.

Yet now it’s more along the lines of walking through the front door of a retail shop with double-automatic doors. “Welcome to Lohan-Land, how may I service you?”

So yeah… we make it even easier than that, this Monday.

338 Round

Tommy Paterna Prepares a 338 Round

As we’ve mentioned, just enter your email on our Win Infidel Body Armor page… we’ll email you a code.  Then, listen into our hit radio show, “The Gun Show” on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 7PM EST and await instructions to call in with the code we emailed you. The first to join me on-air with the right code, will win this fantastic armor!

Quick note about the radio show, it’s an internet radio show at the following LINK.  All you have to do is visit the page on the day of, and click on the player “Gun Show.”

When I first heard the rumor that this armor was better than ceramics, I was more skeptical than Curious George… and from what I can gather from the sound of his name, he’s pretty fucking curious… so I decided to put it to the test.

Dave Unloads an AK-47 at Infidel Body Armor

Dave Unloads an AK-47 at Infidel Body Armor

After throwing four 338 rounds, more than 150 rounds of .223, several mags of 9mm, one-hundred rounds of 7.62X39 out of an AK, one $5 458 SOCOM round, several shotgun rounds and much, much more – you’ll be astonished at what we found!  Believe it or not, the armor actually held up!

If you were the poor S.O.B. that got hit with all this lead, you’d probably wish you’d died.  It was a hell of a lot of firepower and a ton of low-placed lead. I got to feel the sheer power behind the 338 (see end of video below) and if that’s any sign of what it would feel like, then paint my nails pink, sign me up for gymnastics and call me Scooter.  Nevermind, that openly ass-numbing technique only worked to evade the army before Obama…

If you’re still skeptical about this body armor, then simply check out my post on why it will protect you better than a well-fit Trojan.

Share this entertaining video/page now, and help keep you and your loves ones safe when the SHTF!  See you Monday, and Good Luck!


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