How To Compost Like A Boss

If you are a newbie to composting and struggle to wrap your head around exactly how to make a compost pile, then here’s a ‘how to’ graphic that shows you how to compost.

When I first started a compost pile I completely botched the greens/browns ratio, resulting in a pile that took over a year to compost.  It is my hope that this visual guide helps your first compost pile turn into a success, so that you can start successfully increasing the fertility of your garden soils.

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6 Responses to “How To Compost Like A Boss”

  1. Greg Anderstein Says:

    Had me right up until the cockroach part. I am on a crusade to extinguish them from the planet.


    • Chet Says:

      lol… then just consider the compost as cockroach bait, and then sick some chickens on the pile. It’ll be a cockroach massacre 😉


      • David Goodman Says:


        It’s like the old saying: “When life gives you cockroaches, turn them into eggs.”

        Plus, chickens are some of the best compost-turners ever.


  2. Leslie Rojohn Says:

    I don’t understand what those ratios mean. Ex. Shredded paper 175 to 1.


    • David Goodman Says:

      The ratio is parts carbon to parts nitrogen. Basically, it just works out to mean that shredded paper is almost all carbon. Good for feeding the soil, but it needs to be mixed with a lot more nitrogen to break down in a reasonable period of time.


  3. Geneve Spencer Says:

    I MUST have some posters of this compost graphic! How can I get the file so I can print it? Can I buy posters from you?


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