How To Use A Scythe: Short Documentary


There’s a reason much of mankind has moved away from traditional methods. Actually, there’s more than one reason. Power tools are convenient… modern agriculture has pushed many off the land and into the city… oil is cheap… and a lot of old skills have been lost.

Yet occasionally you come across some fascinating throwbacks, like the family in this short documentary:

And yes… that is Scythe Girl/Barefoot Axe Girl again. I’m not obsessed. Really. I pinky promise. Please don’t go e-mailing my wife and saying “did you know your husband keeps posting videos of the same gal doing weird homesteady-type stuff?” Seriously, don’t. Because my wife knows where my scythe is and I’m afraid that one night…

Okay, enough of that. My jugular is tingling. I promise I won’t post any more videos of pretty ladies wielding scythes. This week.

Now the real reason I posted this documentary, other than the fact that it’s cool as heck, is that at one point we may really, really wish we knew how to do these traditional tasks once again. Quality tools are getting harder and harder to find. Most of the gardening junk in your local hardware store bears about as much resemblance to traditional well-made tools as a Tonka truck bears to an F-150. And even if we’re lucky and find solid stuff to work with… do we know how to work with it?

If the power went off, could you hay a field? Dig a garden? Cut off your husband’s head with a scythe?

Better learn to “live lightly” now, just in case. At the very worst, you’ll be getting exercise. At the best, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

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2 Responses to “How To Use A Scythe: Short Documentary”

  1. danielbbq Says:

    This is truly inspiring. Remembering the old ways will once again be of use and need.


    • Chet Says:

      Glad you thought so. I thought it was very useful to watch a family using the Scythe. Gives a better sense to the new guy about just how much the tool can do, and why we might want to have a few on hand here soon.


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