Handmade Tools In Thailand/Why Blacksmithing Might Feed You

July 15, 2013

Gardening Tools

I’m a sucker for tools. And I’m a sucker for items that are handmade. This traveling salesman combines both:

According to the poster of that video, there’s a dearth of good imported tools in Thailand since many of them are shipped to the West. One thing I’ve wondered about is this: after TEOTWAWKI, will local blacksmithing rise up from the ashes? My bet is yes. When tools become too expensive to ship, and the imported junk starts to break, I’m sure the free market is going to fill the gap. Even at this point in American history, there’s a rising need for local artisans.

How many shovels have you broken in your lifetime? How many rakes? Stuff breaks – and thanks to the cheap Chinese crap filling the shelves of local hardware stores, it breaks a lot more than it used to.

Imagine a scenario where gas goes through the roof. Suddenly, stores aren’t getting re-stocked. Simultaneously, the cost of food goes sky-high. That pushes a lot of folks to jump into gardening – yet tools are now scarce. The value of a good shovel or rake is much higher than it was a year before… and you’ve got a forge, plus plenty of scrap lying around. I’m thinking you’re going to be a very popular fellow at that point.

Blacksmithing might seem like a pretty arcane art these days. We usually only think of it in terms of wrought ironwork, horseshoes and maybe some dude making swords… but when things get tough, homemade tools like shovels, hoes and maybe even machetes are going to be in major demand.

I’m thinking it’s time to take a few classes.

Or stock up on these 8 most important hand tools for Teotwawki know.

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    There are some blogs where metal casting is shown to be within the realm of amateurs.


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