The GREATEST 100 Shot Hand Gun Drill?

November 24, 2014

Firearms Training

I think this drill has just become my new favorite 100 drill that I’ll be adapting into my own training routine every time out on the gun range.


Because of the effort the instructor, Travis Haley, puts into always trying to pay attention to the science behind training our bodies to build better muscle memory when it comes to shooting a handgun better.

From why he shoots this drill so close, to the different aspects of shooting he focuses on during the drill… and the whole nine yards.

I always learn something every time I listen to this guy, and can’t recommend watching this video enough or taking one of Haley’s Classes.


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  1. David Paul Says:

    Hi Chet
    Thanks for posting. I have heard Mr. Haley is good, and the drill makes sense. Have done the eyes closed thing with my bow and other things to get the feel.


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