GAT-TAC Flash Hider System

February 25, 2015

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GAT-TAC flash hider

GAT-TAC, Inc. is announcing the release of a new innovation in flash hider technology.  The GAT-TAC Flash Hider System (FHS) replaces current static flash hiders with a dynamic unit that is capable of multiple functions.

The GAT-TAC .223 caliber FHS includes a GT-1 adapter that is installed in the same manner as a standard flash hider.  With the GT-1 adapter in place, any one of three styles of  flash hider can be installed and hand tightened with a simple tool (an Alan wrench or Philips head screw driver shank) by passing it through the porting and tightening to the right.  See our YouTube instructional video for the complete story.

The GAT-TAC flash hider system:

  • provides a reduction in felt recoil
  • diffuses the flash (expanding gasses forced perpendicular to muzzle)
  • features a one-time GT-1 adapter installation
  • covers the adapter thread for full protection

Cleaning the rifle is simplified. Unscrew the flash hider and screw on a standard, inexpensive oil filter. All solvent, oil and soiled patches fall into the oil filter, making cleaning neat and mess free. When cleaning is completed, simply replace the oil filter with the flash hider, and snug into place with the same simple tool.

GAT-TAC, Inc. FHS components are machined from solid round steel bar stock.  All .223 FHS units are made with ½-28 threads and mount on any rifle with compatible muzzle threads.  The .223 FHS parts are finished with a heavy phosphate (military) surface treatment and Mil Spec Oil-3150.

GAT-TAC, Inc. now has available a set of Vise Jaws to make the change over damage free to your gun barrel.  These are the same Vise Jaws our shop uses for installation work every day.  More GAT-TAC .223 styles are coming and a series in .30 caliber (with all the same features) is planned for the big bore shooters.

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