Free Training: Prepping For Pregnancy

April 27, 2015

Emergency Medical

Quick update for the week…

I am holding a special online workshop with a licensed midwife on Prepping for Pregnancy this week.

The class is going to be held LIVE on Wednesday the 29th for about 90 minutes (not including the Q and A).  If you’d like to attend you can click here to register.

Register For Free Here

If you’re not familiar with me… my wife recently just had our 4th child at home in the bathtub.  Here’s a picture of a mommas first look of joy taken seconds after she was born :-)

WifeMeetingEverlyWhen I look at that look on my wife’s face I want to make sure that I help more mother’s STILL feel this look of joy on their faces should the worst happen and they’re forced to give birth in a scenario where no midwife or doctor is there to help them through some of the struggles.

Like handling the cord that was wrapped around my daughters neck a few minutes before this photo was taken.

Luckily for me, a midwife was there.

But n a crisis that might not be an option.

So on this training we’ll be walking you through how to do this in collapse situations.

If that’s an issue that concerns you, click here to sign up for this free training.


4 Responses to “Free Training: Prepping For Pregnancy”

  1. Kendra Lynne Says:

    This is a great idea, Chet. We’ve had two home births, and during one of them we had a major scare. Baby got stuck (shoulder dystocia). Without the midwife’s quick action, it could have gone horribly wrong. It would be really good for people to get some training on how to handle emergency situations during a birth.


  2. Kate Says:

    Was this recorded and it is possible to watch it?
    I was just reading through my email and saw the information about the workshop (2.5 hrs late :( )


  3. david sharpton Says:

    I Missed It!, is there anyway we could get it to watch,i would absolutely like to learn about this ,thanks.


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