What an ER Surgeon Keeps In His Med-Kit

August 20, 2014

Emergency Medical

If you’re relatively new to medical preparedness, here’s a fun but informative little video I shot with ER surgeon & fellow prepper, Dr. David Pruett on Mistakes to AVOID when choosing the gear that could save your life.

Its all about what an ER surgeon would actually want in his medical kit so that YOU can avoid stocking your medical kit with cheap equipment that will break on you in a crisis.

Don’t buy another piece of medical equipment without watching this video.

Click Here For The Resources Mentioned In This Video

15 Responses to “What an ER Surgeon Keeps In His Med-Kit”

  1. Edgar Castelo Says:

    Great concept.
    Preppers shuld also see American Science and Surplus, everything from Medikits to Robot Parts, to Military Decontamination Kits, to Uranium samples!
    Also, Instructables, lots of How-tos.
    All of the above, shameless plug, in my Geek Blog,


  2. Jason Says:

    Great video. Where can we get the medical kit demonstrated in the video? Sorry, I missed it if you said it. Thanks!


  3. Earl Schultz Says:

    Loved this video “How to choose a med kit”! Funny and yet true. We bought the DVD’s mentioned in the video and they are top quality, with a very good description of the contents of the kit. But I must say Chet is a “little girl” when it comes to having bandages removed! (on the dvd) Good job guys.


    • Chet Says:

      Thanks Earl, something about the 100th take on ripping a bandage off the same spot just had me flinching 😉


  4. Steve Says:

    The video was good, but you are only selling the DVD’s and did not tell us where to get the med kit that Dr. David Pruett has for sale. What is his company that is selling the medicak kits?


  5. Jason Carlton Says:

    I followed the link under the video to find the actual medical kit from the video, but I found only the instructional DVD’s. Where can the kit in the video be found?


  6. joseph v. bevilock Says:

    I would like to purchase med kit and bag how do I go about it thank you joe


  7. Dave Says:

    I bought the DVD and then the Kit. Both top of the line in teaching quality, customer service, and product quality.

    I’m inspired to actually get an EMT or First Responder certification even though I am past 60 years old.

    Great job bringing Dr. Pruett to the public eye.


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