Which Emergency Survival Food Company Makes The Best Chili Mac?

September 8, 2016

Food Storage

Who Makes The Best Freeze Dried Chili Mac?

In this video I continue my quest towards finding the best tasting survival food, by pitting competing Emergency Survival food companies against each other and doing head to head taste testing.

And the food you really wanted me to taste test next, was Mountainhouses Chili Mac.

So we cooked up some Mountainhouse Chili Mac, and faced it off against Wise Foods Chili Mac to see who’s tastes better.

And The Winner Of The Best Freeze Dried Chili Mac Is…

Check out the video for the results:

One thing I should add about the Chili Mac, is that if you have a lot of children, the Wise Food’s Chili Mac is much less spicy.  That’s not to say that Mountainhouse’s Chili Mac was REAL spicy, it wasn’t, but if you’re buying for young children who aren’t big on spicy things I think Wise Food’s is the better choice for Chili Mac.

Something to think about if you’re planning on feeding young ones.

Oh, and some changes are coming…

One thing I realized I need to add to these videos, is to show you more of what each of these dishes I’m testing looks like and includes.

Thanks to Scott, for suggesting that in my last eppisode.  Unfortunatley I had already shot this video before I could implement that suggestion in this video, but for my next eppisode I’m totally going to do that.

And speaking of my next episode…

It’s time to see who’s got the best freeze dried chicken

Closeup of a chicken salad and lettuce on a croissant roll

And this time I’m going to do things a little differently.

You see… my wife (bless her soul) is a Chicken-Snob.

If there is one food she hates more then any other, it is POOR quality Chicken.  She loves good chicken, but if it-s sub par she won’t have any of it.

So for my next taste test I decided that I’m going to do a blind taste test, where I will be making my wife two Chicken Salad Sandwiches.  One with chicken from the store, and one with Chicken from a Freeze Dried Food company (haven’t decided on which one yet).  I’ll prepare and season both Chicken Salad mixes the exact same way, have my wife bite into both and see what the outcome is.

I thought that might be a little more informative if you’re looking to purchase freeze dried chicken, vs. just comparing two different types of companies… because if my wife likes it, its guaranteed to be good Chicken.

So if you’re into Chicken make sure you stay tuned for that episode.

And of course…

Don’t be SHY!

I still read all your comments and want to hear from you on what you want me to taste test next… I’ve been hearing a lot of folks want me to try the different milks out there, and I’m also hearing from folks who want me to test the beef out.

What’s your opinion?  Let me know and I’ll taste test that freeze dried food next.

Stay safe out there!

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5 Responses to “Which Emergency Survival Food Company Makes The Best Chili Mac?”

  1. Ray White Says:

    For your chicken taste test I’d recommend Best Prices Storable Foods canned chicken available from Internet Grocer. Their chicken is tender, juicy and delicious. Their canned meats are warranted to store for 5-7 years but if they are like most canned goods they will store for much longer periods of time if kept cool (70 degrees F).

    As far as Freeze-Dried chicken goes, I’d stick with Mountain House. I know there’s is good as I’ve had it in their Chicken a la King meals–which I’ll repeat, you should taste test.


  2. Melinda Says:

    Thank you for doing these taste tests! Very helpful! Sweet family, too


  3. Fred Sebastian Says:

    Keep up your endeaver. Invite your neighbors and/or friends, would like more GROWED up opinions. SRP and oz. of each would be an asset to your invested labor.


  4. AngelB67 Says:

    Thanks for doing these, Chet. I like that you include the perspective of both the children and adults. Quite often, tastes differ with age, so it’s nice having the kids telling which ones they like the best too. I am very much looking forward to seeing the next episodes. Both fun and informative!! Nicely done.


    • Chet Says:

      Great! That was my goal, so many prepper sites out there where you never feel like you get to have any fun. Glad you’re liking the series!


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