Eating Insects For Protein?

June 26, 2013

Food Production, Foraging

I’m starting to think eating insects might not be such a bad idea. I’ve raised guinea fowl, ducks, chickens and goats. They all take a lot of space, care and maintenance. Yet how much work would it take to raise a few bins of bugs for the table?

Sure, your friends and family would think you’d totally lost it – but who cares? They’ll die first when It All Finally Happens.

These cats are ahead of the curve:

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of those students are going to go home and start raising their own six-legged cattle. The revulsion most of us have towards eating insects runs pretty deep.

Imagine, though, if you didn’t have that revulsion.

Protein is very valuable stuff. We need quite a bit of it, yet plant sources are rare and often incomplete – and animals require hunting down or raising in a highly skilled manner. If folks were to take a solid, rational look at entomophagy, they’d see it made sense. Instead of slaving away to get enough money for high-end protein like beef, we could all be sauteing mealworms for the kids or sending them out with nets to catch nutritious locusts in the empty lot next door.

Why not pop a few hornworms on the skillet? That’ll avenge your lost tomato plants!

Or crunch down some of those annoying crickets that hang around in your house’s crawlspace and scare the living daylights out of you every time you try to fix a pipe!

Eating insects really does make sense.

So… go ahead. You first.


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4 Responses to “Eating Insects For Protein?”

  1. Leon Says:

    I have never eaten raw insects but cooked ones are really no big deal (like no big deal at all) and often if you don’t ask someone you won’t even know it’s not bits of chicken skin or some seafood :) And spicy fried grasshoppers is definitely one of the best beer snacks that I’ve ever tried.


  2. HopiBodhi Says:

    I bet crunchy insects would be great on salads for added texture and protein. Vegans do not eat animals. But insects?


    • David Goodman Says:

      Vegans eat a lot of insects without knowing it. It’s interesting: many vegetarians are vegetarians because they can’t bear the thought of hurting animals. Yet modern farming and tillage kills millions of organisms every year. A loaf of bread? Animals died for that. It’s impossible to escape… if I were Vegan, I’d totally be eating insects. And eggs. And steak.


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