If you are what you eat… better raise your own meat

Chicken1I just came across a great post by Keoni Galt at Hawaiian Libertarian:

“You know the old saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, if the predominant source of animal based saturated fats you eat are the lean boneless/skinless chicken meat of factory farmed chickens who are raised for their entire lives in complete darkness, you’re eating meat that almost completely void of vital fat soluble vitamins – most importantly, vitamin D.

Most animals, like humans, require sunlight exposure to manufacture Vitamin D, the keystone vitamin for nearly all life on the planet, and chickens are certainly no exception. The promotion of fear of red meat and saturated fat for decades by our corporate mass media and academic institutions, combined with the fear of sun exposure all play a role in the operation of promoting Vitamin D deficiency for profit.

Many of the chicken farmers know that animals raised in fresh air, sunshine, and uncrowded conditions  makes for nutritious, healthy food, fit for human consumption.

But they can’t do anything about it… (Click to read the rest)”

The entire food production system in the US is screwed up from top to bottom. This country creates incredible amounts of sub-par food. Vast fields of chemical-strathed corn, great houses filled with pigs crammed into tiny cages, expansive orchards of monoculture fruit… it’s no wonder the average American is sick.

It’s unpleasant to butcher your own poultry, but it’s certainly worthwhile. I don’t want to eat anything else anymore. Part of being prepared is being healthy.

Are you healthy? If not, why? Is there something you can change in your life or diet? Change it!

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