DIY Compost Screen/Soil Sifter

This is clever:

Some years back I realized my need for a way to sift compost. Little garden beds that need to be planted with tiny seeds don’t do as well when you dump a bunch of coarse stuff into them.

My solution was to make a frame with hardware cloth tacked to the bottom, which I then shook and shook and shook over my wheelbarrow. It’s kind of a pain… this guy’s system is cooler.

Beyond compost sifting, I also dump lots of scraps for my chickens in the same spot of the chicken yard. They tear it up and manure that area, darkening the dirt and enriching it with nutrients and microbial life. Multiple times a year, I’ll go in there with my wheelbarrow and sifter and screen out some great dirt to add to my raised beds. The plants love it. Without my screen, though, my beds would be filled with rocks, broccoli stems, avocado pits, etc. It makes sense to sift, unless you’re simply throwing rough compost or chicken dirt around your trees and perennials… in that case, don’t bother.

If you haven’t messed with it before, sifted compost is great stuff. It’s fluffy and spongy, plus it makes a great addition to potting mixes. No matter how many times you turn a pile, it’s likely impossible to get compost like that without a screen. This guy’s method is pretty solid.

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