DIY Berkey Water Filter

June 12, 2013

Purify Water

Check out this very simple video on how to make your own Berkey Water Filter for 1/2 the cost of buying a new one.

If you do not have a way to purify water, there’s no point in buying food, weapons or anything for surviving the coming collapse, because you won’t make it.

Clean water needs to be the 1st item of priority on your list… and here’s a great way to do it for cheap.

Here’s where to buy the items in this video:

You can order both the 2 black filters & Fluoride filters from this website.



10 Responses to “DIY Berkey Water Filter”

  1. Dr. Gene Long Says:

    I have carried a Glock 27, in 40S&W since they first came out. It has been the BEST pistol for concealed carry ever made. Many people don’t like Glocks just because of the way they look. Get the best, it always goes bang when you pull the trigger, what more can you ask of a pistol when your life is at stake!


    • Chet Says:

      Did you mean to post your comment here under water filters, or under another post? Happy to add it to the discussion, but it doesn’t seem very relevant to water filters.


  2. Christopher de Vidal Says:

    We’ve been using a bucket Berkey for three years. Love it. I have heard, though, that mold can be a problem in some bucket Berkey builds, because light can penetrate the sides; It’s probably why they sell stainless containers.

    If I were to do it over again though I’d get a Sawyer water filter. WAY better than a Berkey. Go check it out.


  3. staceybeck01 Says:

    I’ve tried several water filtration systems but not this one! I’ll have to test it out!


  4. Bob Says:

    Saw this 2 weeks to late. Just bought a berkey filter. Its great but then so was the price. Over $200.00. Your info made me thing about getting the two other filters – flouride and – what was it?


  5. JR Says:

    How long do these filters store for, in an unused state?

    How long would these filters last? Just use an average metric, say 2 gal day, 5 gal day, whatever


  6. JR Says:

    You also don’t say how to SEAL the filters to the base. Obviously you don’t use glue or silicone, but what do you use, if anything????


  7. Jesse Glessner Says:

    Hello: Nice little VicClip on how to make a decently priced and very usable water filtration system.

    But, if you would, please check out the site listed below. There are 2 systems, one drip filter and one low pressure filter system.

    These are very similar and may not be as great as the filters you show, however, the Monolithic Dome Institute has been selling and distributing these for several years, particularly in third-world countries.



  8. Vincent Says:

    I never thought of building such a berkey filter mysefl. I just bought a berkey water filter 1 year ago. If I read this before buying one, I could save me a lot of money.


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