A Crazy Fast Way To Collect Bait Worms

I’ve done worm composting (and am doing it now), I’ve grown great quantities of worms in the ground by piling up rotten straw, and I’ve gone fishing many times… but I’ve never seen such a hilariously effective way of catching worms until now:

I know, it’s cruel. But so is putting the poor wittle things on hooks and catching tasty fish with them. Delicious, tender pan-fried and breaded fish with crispy edges. Mmm.

Just remember… if you don’t keep worms under your feet, they will often attack and kill you.

Just a friendly PSA from the Prepper Project.

Now I really want to go fishing.

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  1. Jim Says:

    I’m from the deep south and was taught how to fiddle for worms at an early age. We also used bleach, and car batteries to gather these little wigglers.


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