Cop-Blocking With Accountable Authority

August 13, 2013

Radio Show, Un-Brainwashing

Cop BlockI’ve been pulled over only to be asked “what was in my truck”… when I got persnickety the cop got a bit annoyed and realized I knew my rights, and proceeded to hop back in his little light up vehicle and piss off. Far too many people in America have either been witness to police brutality and overreach, or simply read the headlines. Until now it has felt like sheer and utter helplessness when it comes to facing the fear or fighting this constitutional obstruction.

Remember the two beautiful women that were cavity searched by a very manly female cop? She bent them over the car and searched both of their cavities, then switched to the other woman and did the same without even changing her glove – all because she claimed to smell pot. None of the women smoked. Needless to say a lawsuit was filed and the police department said they were well within their legal right… regardless of the fact that the women developed an infection. (and now that cop is back on the streets)

So how do you hold them accountable? Call them out, make it public, and reinforce good cops. Far too many officers think they are “officials” instead of “servants.” They refer to us as “civilians” instead of “citizens.”

Monday, August 12 on The Gun Show, Dave Womach interviewed Dan from Accountable Authority to join hands to fight against tyranny – he has a cop watch program that has been designed to create a public list of officers who break the law and get away with it. America is a police state, but not if we can help it. Tune in and see how you can fight.

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