Converting a Bicycle into a Plow

The ingenuity of mankind never ceases to amaze me:

I like the bit where he throws all the old bike parts on the ground. But I find throwing things on the ground amusing – maybe that’s just me. Or not.
Basically, this fellow has created what’s known as a “wheel hoe” or a “wheel plow.” There was a company called Planet Jr. that used to make some really cool ones. Unfortunately, like many great businesses, they crumbled.

The wheel hoe is a really easy way to tend a large space since the wheel takes a lot of the work out of making furrows or hand hoeing. On the down side, it’s really only a good tool for traditional row gardening. If you’re attempting to cultivate a large space with hand tools, this is a big, big help. Short of owning draft animals, a wheel hoe is a labor-saver that’s hard to beat. I find it strange that the tool has almost disappeared from modern gardening.

I’ve looked at multiple wheel hoe designs, though I never made one from a bicycle. The wheel hoe I finally settled on was the Planet Whizbang model and it’s worked excellently for me (I write about it here). I saved a lot of money by making this version, plus fun to build your own garden tools

Though not as much fun as throwing things on the ground. Which reminds me… it’s almost time to go broadcast some buckwheat across my old potato patch.

“I throw buckwheat on the GROUND! It’s a green manure system! I’m an adult!”

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