A Clear Way Out of This Mess, Without A Single Bullet

January 6, 2014

Radio Show, Un-Brainwashing

ShitBurnerPatchtouploadUsually when  the barrel is about 1/2 full of the platoon’s excrement, the burner shows up, dumps a gallon of Diesel on it, and proceeds to stir.  However, here in America, the barrel is overflowing, and the government just drops more and more steamers, followed by 87 octane (which may contain up to 10% ethanol for cleaner burning) and strikes the match… which has resulted in a nasty mess that America may not recover from.  We’re blown apart, fighting, and poisoned by our environment.

So how do we dig ourselves out of this nasty mess we’re in?  Believe it or not, there’s a solution that was dissolved back around 1963, which We The People have the power to reinstate an a moments notice.  Think of it like  Imodium AD, in a rather large dose.  If you’re suffering from lower digestive problems, you don’t take a sleeping aid, right?

Americans have lost ALL freedoms.  We live in a police state.  In Texas, people are being pulled over for DNA swabs and blood draws.  Across all “57” states the NSA is watching our every move, and admittedly spying on senators.  For 40 years the  US government injected the black population with Syphilis in the Tuskegee Experiment, under the pretense that it was FREE HEALTHCARE, and our government expects us to trust them when they push toxic vaccines to us now.

HitlerThe government is pushing Flouride into our water to intentionally dumb us down up to 7-15 IQ points as shown in a Harvard study, while removing Iodine from our food which has been proven to increase IQ by up to 15 points.  The president conducts drone strikes where he is knowingly killing American Citizens without due-process, and brags that he’s “Really good at killing people.”  Do you know who else liked fluoride and vaccines?  Yes… Hitler.  The list of atrocities goes on, and on, and on no matter what side of the false political paradigm you fall under.

Do I have your attention now?  This isn’t our government anymore.  We have lost our nation, but the founding documents still exist.  And in the Bill of Rights under article V, we have the right to reinstate the Grand Jury, which could make our criminal “officials” obsolete within a month.  Don’t believe me?  Then please listen in to our interview with Ken Barker, as he explains what YOU can do to make a difference.  Enjoy!

(Commercial Free!  Enjoy!  Click the play button below, or download here to listen to later)

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Wow, VERY GOOD interview, extremely informative & even better:full of good & useful info instead of useless or BS info. This website has turned into one of my “go-2” sites & for good reason. Good job folks!!:)


    • Dave Says:

      Thanks Amanda! It’s comments like this that make our days a little brighter. Glad you enjoyed the content, and hope to see you back here more often. Have a great day.


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