Choosing A Single Point vs. 2 Point Sling

November 25, 2013

Tactical Training

If you are trying to choose between a single point sling vs. a 2 point sling for your battle rifle, you need to first ask yourself what you think you’ll be doing with that rifle, BESIDES shooting.

If you are preparing for teotwawki, then you need to realize that you may have to hop a fence, carry heavy things, pull things and God only knows what other tasks BESIDES just shooting.

Have you tried doing those things with how your sling is currently set up?  Well the guy in the video below has.

Whatever type of sling you currently have, or plan on getting, I’d highly suggest trying this same drill, or a similar variation with your current set up to see if it gets in the way.

There’s nothing like running your gear through functionality tests under stress.

When we played newbie students in our Buddy Tactics DVD we had no idea how much of our equipment just didn’t make the grade when put under the stress of needing to work in darkness & under stress.  And running the functionality test in the video above, would be just one more good idea for testing whether or not your sling can perform the way you want it to when the SHTF.


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  1. Chris Says:

    That dude looks like he needs to get some firearms training quick, and hit the weights. Just kidding. Dudes a total badass, he was featured on bravo company’s website. He’s a inspiration, wish I had that type of drive. I think his name is Pat Macnamara. Thanks for your service sir.


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