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More Food from the Wild and Your Yard – Graft Fruit Trees!

December 12, 2016



I once did a horticultural analysis of a property way out in the scrublands. The owner had good clean water, no real neighbors, a great location… and hot, fast-drying, mineral-poor sand that was really, really bad for gardening. There was no couching it. I had to tell him: this area just won’t cut it for most of your planned annual […]

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Roll Your Own Cigars

November 24, 2016

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homegrown tobacco, tobacco, roll your own cigars

If you don’t see tobacco as important to survival, I feel for you. I’ve been growing it for years (and you can too) and during the worst days of the crash, when I was unemployed, watching friend after friend go broke and seeing folks lose their homes right and left… a good cigar was one […]

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The Prepper’s Economic Paradox

July 30, 2015



Those of us paying attention clearly see that the global economy is at best rapidly changing, and more realistically, is rapidly disintegrating. There is a significant probability that we are headed for some degree or some form of economic collapse, if not various other crises as well. This presents a unique dilemma for those of […]

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How To Make Potting Soil

June 30, 2015


How To Make Homemade Potting Soil

Have you ever wondered how they did it in the old days, before the times of store-bought pre-bagged potting mix? Knowing how to make your own potting soil from scratch not only saves you money, but is much more convenient and often healthier for your plants than commercial stuff. The main ingredients in homemade potting […]

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Using Plastic in the Garden

June 3, 2015


You know, I’ve never liked plastic. It has some excellent uses, sure – but still, I like to avoid most stuff that takes roughly a bazillion years to break down. When I started my home nursery business a year and a half ago, I did a lot of research into methods of controlling weeds. I […]

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How To Make Huckleberry Ink

May 6, 2015


how to make huckleberry ink

Whether you’re just looking to be crafty and resourceful, or you want to ensure some form of post-grid communication, knowing how to make ink from plants growing around you is a fun and useful skill to have. Historically, ink has been made from many different sources: gall, berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pokeberries, huckleberries), shaggy ink […]

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