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How US Special Forces Handle Home Perimeter Security When SHTF

October 14, 2013


Dennis jumped on his mountain bike and pedaled as fast as possible through the brush and onto the short trail that would take him directly to the back door of his house in the growing evening darkness. Either his radio or batteries apparently had just chosen this inopportune moment to give out. Traversing the trail […]

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Own The Night DVD – Available Now!

April 15, 2013


This DVD is focused on teaching Tactical Training to preppers by a VERY decorated military vet. To learn more click here.

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Own The Night, Will Be Released on…

March 26, 2013


As you can see from the time-lapse above, we’ve just completed the photoshoot for Own The Night, and are finalizing the tedious edits as you read this!  If you’ve ever wondered how you’d survive a SHTF with your PVS14, and your AR15, this DVD is for you! Learn along with us, as combat veteran Harry […]

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Before You Can Own The Night, You Have To Play In The Day

March 19, 2013


No matter how much time I spent practicing my tactical, admin, and emergency reloads during the day, it didn’t prepare me for the boot to the gluteus maximus (see diagram to left) that I was about to receive in the dark of the night.  NVG’s offer no forgiveness when it comes to dealing with reloads and […]

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Own The Night – Part 2 (Radio Show)

March 16, 2013


Listen to internet radio with American Preppers Radio1 on Blog Talk Radio Our weekly radio show continues to get better and more refined.  This past Monday we reflected on our lessons learned from the filming of Own The Night.  The DVD should be released around the end of March or early April.  With that said, […]

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How To Gear Up For A Night Fight

March 13, 2013


Learning how to fight in the night is as valuable to a prepper as rain is to a farmer.  The ability to defend yourself against a gang of looting thugs and to completely Own The Night, requires countless hours of training and discipline.  Yet, equally as important to training, is your gear.  Learning to function […]

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