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How To Choose The Right Ax

October 29, 2014


Photo credit Andy Carter.

I received an e-mail recently from a relative interested in finding a good ax. He was less than pleased with the selection at Tractor Supply and other local chain hardware stores. Rather than buying a piece of mass-produced subpar Chinese junk, he wanted something good. Problem: I’m no ax expert. I’ve never done much wood […]

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Situational Awareness

October 11, 2014



Situational awareness is a term most often heard around military and law enforcement training centers.  It is, as simply as I can put it, being aware of everything around you while paying attention to what looks right and what doesn’t.  For the military this translates into being alert to places where an enemy might ambush […]

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Finishing The Wood On An AK-47

August 22, 2014



Most new AK-47s come from the factory with unfinished wood. This fits the down-and-dirty appeal of this classic rifle; however, the bare wood isn’t aesthetically pleasing and it also tends to get grimy over time. If you’re dragging your rifle through the mud in a third-world hellhole, this isn’t a big deal. It’s not really […]

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How to Access Secure Areas During a Disaster

August 5, 2014


1444057_65544515 smaller

When the SHTF or any other TEOTWAWKI event occurs we will most likely be living in a lock down society. When martial law is in effect there is a complete suspension of your rights under the U.S. Constitution. Some of the elements that would go into effect under martial law are: confiscation of firearms and […]

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Hiding Bullion and Other Valuables

July 27, 2014



For years I’ve considered this question: If you have guns, gold, cash, jewelry and that sort of thing… where do you keep it with TEOTWAWKI in mind? Fortunately, I’m not rich. I don’t have a lot of things worth hiding, but I do have a little coin collection and some vintage collectibles, plus a little emergency […]

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What Can Be Learned From Shooting Chipmunks?

July 21, 2014



I don’t know what it is about men and their targets, but shooting at targets is quite boring to me. Okay, so it is a slight challenge to get the sites zeroed, but it’s really not that hard. A rifle is even easier to site in (especially with optics) due to their longer sight radius. […]

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