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GAT-TAC Flash Hider System

February 25, 2015


GAT-TAC flash hider

GAT-TAC, Inc. is announcing the release of a new innovation in flash hider technology.  The GAT-TAC Flash Hider System (FHS) replaces current static flash hiders with a dynamic unit that is capable of multiple functions. The GAT-TAC .223 caliber FHS includes a GT-1 adapter that is installed in the same manner as a standard flash […]

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Bulk Purchasing & Long Term Storage Of Ammo On A Budget

May 18, 2014


photo 5

Who can truly call himself or herself a prepper without a mass amount of ammo right? With the plethora of opportunities on calibers, frame sizes, etc., we must be able to have adequate ammo for the ever-lurking threat of war, famine, or disease. Having lived in South Mississippi all of my life until four years […]

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Polaris Ranger EV Review

May 9, 2014


polaris ranger ev

Do you have any vehicles like this you use around your property? David is living completely off grid and wanted to share his experience with the Polaris Ranger Electric Model. Because it’s electric it’s extremely quiet which would be a big benefit when trying to maintain noise discipline in your bug out location.

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55 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Prepper In Your Life

November 28, 2013


wrapped christmas present

I recently stumbled across a pretty sweet post outlining a bunch of great stocking stuffer ideas for the prepper in your life.  Plus a few that probably won’t fit in the stocking. Its got cool little things like: urban survival kits with stuff like lock picking sets in them. Dry socks to keep your loved […]

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Blame CANADA! (For The Success Of The 3D Printed Rifle)

August 5, 2013


World’s first 3D-printed rifle gets update, fires 14 shots   The Verge A Canadian tinkerer who previously claimed to have created the world’s first 3D-printed rifle, only to see the barrel crack upon its first videotaped test firing, has now created an updated version of the gun that was able to fire 14 rounds before suffering damage. […]

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New AR15 Blows Away The Competition

July 26, 2013


Are you the kind of person who is afraid to drop their highspeed AR15 rifle from waist level because you’re afraid to scratch that pretty little gun, and possibly hurt it?  Well if that’s you, don’t watch this video. We took a Mirage AR15 from and blew it up.  That’s right, blew it up, […]

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