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A Day of Solar Cooking

July 22, 2015


sun oven 4

With temps in the mid-90s today and rain clouds nowhere in sight, I thought I’d take advantage of the sunshine to cook a few of our meals in the Sun Oven. Not only does solar cooking help to keep the house cooler during the hot summer months, it also keeps the power bill a little […]

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4 Safe Edible Mushrooms for Foragers and Cheapskates

October 8, 2014

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NOTE: I shouldn’t have to say this but I will, just in case a bureaucrat is reading: don’t go eating any mushrooms you’re not completely sure are safe. And don’t sue us if you get a stomachache. Do your own research on mushrooms. We’re just providing a few ideas to get you started. At the end of […]

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Guineas, Bugs, Ducks, Coons and Rabbits: Experiments In Raising Meat

August 31, 2014


A few weeks ago, we had a raising rabbits post here at by Ted R here at The Prepper Project. At the same point he was writing that article, I was acquiring some rabbits of my own. Call it Providence, or serendipity, or Fate… but it was good timing. I appreciated hearing Ted’s thoughts on tasty […]

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31 Must-Have Prepper Kitchen Tools

August 23, 2014


Prepper Kitchen 1

I started this article out with a “Top 10” list in mind. But as I looked around my kitchen I realized there are many more than ten kitchen items that I’d want to have in a long term emergency situation. When it’ll be up to you to do all of your own food processing, you’ll […]

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14 Tough Gardening Questions Answered!

August 14, 2014



Have you asked any of these tough gardening questions? Q: Why won’t my bell peppers grow well? A: Bell peppers? Seriously? I basically gave up on those stupid things a long time ago. So has John Kohler, so I’m in good company. Here’s the deal with bell peppers: they’re really touchy, whereas hot peppers and smaller sweet peppers grow […]

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Lose Weight Without Starving: Here’s How

August 5, 2014



If you’re huffing and puffing to climb a flight of stairs… or claiming two seats on the airplane… or can’t see your feet… you ain’t prepared. What good does it do to take a firearms course or pack your pantry with a year’s worth of canned goods… if you’re likely to die from diabetes or […]

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