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Will You Die Getting To Your Bug Out Location?

August 14, 2014



I am frequently surprised by the approach many Preppers take to their Bug-Out plans, especially those who expect to drive to their retreat location.  Many seem to feel that this will be no different than driving out of their home area for a vacation, which is beyond my comprehension.  I say that because if things […]

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Is Your Retreat Group Lacking Skills?

July 21, 2014


Christian Religious Family Group Prays to God Thankful Crop Farm

Why should Preppers bother to think about such a topic? Because any situation severe enough to put us into “retreat” mode will almost certainly mean the Prepper group will be forced to rely on the personnel that belong to the group, and whatever skills they possess, for every facet of life. In normal times we […]

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Can Your Retreat Be Mobile? Should it Be?

July 15, 2014


Class A

I was recently reviewing options for living arrangements at retreat locations during a crisis situation. I was looking for reasonably priced options that met certain minimum criteria: significant living space, affordable price tag, flexibility, and peace of mind that it will be there when I need it to be. I’ve looked at Preppers as fitting […]

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How Many People Are Needed For An Effective Patrol?

July 10, 2014


Soldier on Patrol in Tabin

When most people hear the term patrolling they tend to think about military patrols based on movies or TV with some also considering police patrols and such. Preppers should think of patrolling as a bit of both. I say that because a patrol during or after a crisis situation will have aspects of military patrolling […]

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Are You Failing Your Child By Sending Them To Public School?

June 7, 2014


Just learn how to write your name

  According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), approximately 3% of the population of school-age children in 2011-12 were taught from home. Reasons parents decided to homeschool versus going the traditional route varied. However, approximately 91% of parents said that their reason was due to a concern about the school environment. Why would […]

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How To Defend A Survival Retreat

May 23, 2014


Survival Retreat Security SOP

Security – This is what will keep you alive. It’s also the area you will probably want to have the most SOPs established since deadly force is part and parcel of any security setup. Without armed personnel, along with the policies and procedures for how they will function, can you honestly say you are prepared […]

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