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Will You Die Getting To Your Bug Out Location?

August 14, 2014



I am frequently surprised by the approach many Preppers take to their Bug-Out plans, especially those who expect to drive to their retreat location.  Many seem to feel that this will be no different than driving out of their home area for a vacation, which is beyond my comprehension.  I say that because if things […]

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A Multitool For Your Bugout Bag: A Leatherman Wave Review

August 9, 2014



When I was a kid I thought Swiss Army knives were the coolest thing ever. One of my friends had one. It contained everything from a screwdriver to a saw to a can opener and a toothpick. All those little fold-out bits and pieces fascinated me. As a young teenager, I owned a Chinese-made knock-off Swiss Army […]

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Will Others Die Because You Aren’t Prepared?

July 17, 2014


photo 1

With all the hype swirling around in the prepping arena, self sustainability, and all that which can be implied, we often times lose sight of the little things that we can and should practice on a daily basis. Every Day Carry or EDC items are keys that can assist in a crisis or simply make […]

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Five Good Survival Knives

July 12, 2014



I’ve liked knives ever since I was a kid. I’m not a knife collector, per se, or a true knife aficionado. I don’t have expensive blades in cases, swords on the walls or a subscription to Blade Magazine. (Though now that I check out their website… NO… must… resist…) Anyhow – I’m a gardener. Gardeners are […]

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How To Clean and Dress a Wound

July 9, 2014


Know how to clean and dress a wound

You and your buddy are out in the forest foraging for wild greens and stumble across a interesting weed that you know sucks venom from insect bites. The weed is located near a hill side where you inform your buddy that you see some edible wild plants. Problem is that is just rained and the […]

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Will You Die From Heat Stroke If The Grid Falls

July 2, 2014


Get cool and drink water

SHTF and the grid falls. There are no emergency services and everyone is on their own. Chaos is breaking out all over as society starts to crumble. A very real and possible scenario for a system that is already beginning to show signs of failing. It could happen at any time of the year. If […]

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