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Top 3 DIY Survival Projects That Could Save Your Life In The Coming Collapse

December 6, 2016


diy survival projects

Anyone who is awake can clearly see the social and economic turmoil all around us. The need to prepare has never been more clear. The three DIY survival projects described in this article could be part of a ‘Plan C’ survival strategy. Plan A might be to shelter in place. Plan B might be to […]

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How To Choose Your Medical Kit

November 26, 2016


bug out bags, emergency medical, set up your own medical kit, SHTF

On our shoot with ER Surgeon, Dr. Pruett, where we filmed an entire DVD series on helping people medically prepare to handle injuries during a societal collapse where you might not have access to a doctor… We took a few minutes out of our day and shot this video for you. It’s all about how […]

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Roll Your Own Cigars

November 24, 2016

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homegrown tobacco, tobacco, roll your own cigars

If you don’t see tobacco as important to survival, I feel for you. I’ve been growing it for years (and you can too) and during the worst days of the crash, when I was unemployed, watching friend after friend go broke and seeing folks lose their homes right and left… a good cigar was one […]

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7 Essential Items in Your Emergency Survival Kit

October 11, 2016



You do not know when an emergency or disaster may strike you. It is important to stay prepared and alarmed since safety is a must precaution for almost everyone. However, staying prepared for the emergency ensures that you have the right kind of items in the emergency survival kit. Whether you are moving out of […]

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Where To Find What You Need If Society Collapses Before You’re Ready

October 9, 2016



When survival experts talk about SHTF events, it usually boils down to two main things: Collapse: Most or all the technical, financial and legal systems we depend on now for food, water, fuel, shelter and security simply stop working. You’ll only get what you can obtain for yourself and your family directly, with your own […]

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FACEOFF: What’s The Most Important Desert Survival Skill?

September 14, 2016


What's The Most Important Desert Survival Skill

Picture yourself alone beneath the blazing sun. You can feel the beginning of a sunburn and it’s only 11AM. Cursing yourself for forgetting a hat, you take another swig from the single bottle of warm water you grabbed from your car, cringing at the oily plastic taste. It’s already 3/4 empty.  You start to wonder […]

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