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How To Choose Your Medical Kit

November 26, 2016


bug out bags, emergency medical, set up your own medical kit, SHTF

On our shoot with ER Surgeon, Dr. Pruett, where we filmed an entire DVD series on helping people medically prepare to handle injuries during a societal collapse where you might not have access to a doctor… We took a few minutes out of our day and shot this video for you. It’s all about how […]

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How To Fertilize 8 Fruits & Vegetables for OUTSTANDING Flavor

July 28, 2016



Fertilizing for growth is common… but fertilizing vegetables for flavor? That’s a different animal, but it’s something we need to consider. If you were to spend a year eating potatoes, corn, beans and cabbage – without much in the way of seasoning – I’ll bet you’d be longing for some good chicken curry or a […]

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Camping: How to Practice Bugging Out with a Family

December 9, 2015


How To Practice Bugging Out With Your Family

So, you have your beans, bullets, and bandaids. But do you and your family have the skills you need should you ever have to face a bug out situation? What if you need to load your vehicle and head out? What would you take? Do you have things packed and ready to go at a […]

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Aftermath “Buying the Farm” (S02E03)

December 1, 2015


By: M.A. Thompson Jason barely slowed down when he reached the two men running across the field towards him. They hopped into the back of the truck atop the bags of gravel and sand and charcoal and Jason gunned it again. “Gerald!” the one gasped through the back window of the truck, “accident… Jim tried…” […]

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Aftermath – “False Sense of Security” (S02E02)

November 24, 2015


Author’s Note:  I want to write a quick thanks to all of you who’ve read the first series, commented, and endured the delays in getting this second season started. There have been technical difficulties that have unfortunately delayed posting, but I can assure you now, that you’ll have a new episode each week. Most of […]

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April Showers Approach

October 28, 2015


Aftermath – Season 2 Episode 1 By M.A. Thompson “Clear!” The shout came from inside the dilapidated store. It was amazing how overgrown things had gotten, how quickly it had gone to shit, Jason thought to himself. It had only been a year and half since the Dark Dawn operation started, and ultimately failed. It […]

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