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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Harvesting Rain Water

December 5, 2016


harvesting rain water

Harvesting rain water should be a priority for any serious prepper or gardener. Did you ever go on a long hike, then find yourself parched with thirst? The need for water catches up with you quickly. If the city water or your well shut down for a week, would you be able to survive or […]

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Book Review: Edible Landscaping With a Permaculture Twist

October 23, 2014



It’s no secret that I dig (sometimes literally) edible landscaping. I’ve written about its value before, particularly in a crash situation in which obviously edible plants are liable to be stolen. I gave a talk a few weeks ago in The Villages. For those of you not familiar with that particular slice of Orwellian central […]

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Must-Watch Gardening Videos For Preppers

August 24, 2014



Thanks to the internet we have a vast treasure trove of information at our fingertips. If you’re interested in gardening and survival, the following videos are eye-opening and helpful enough to warrant gathering together in one gigantic post. Not all of these are directly related to survival gardening; some are more about thinking through how […]

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5 Reasons To Add Ponds To Your Homestead

May 22, 2014



Ponds. They’re mosquito-ridden little green pools of algae-infested slopwater… if managed poorly. But even if they ARE managed poorly, they’re still an asset for the thoughtful prepper. I have three old hot tubs that serve as small ponds on my homestead. I’ve also got a couple of little in-ground ponds, one which uses a liner… […]

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1,000,000 Good Gardening Ideas

January 3, 2014



That may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much… this guy is intense: Turn off Star Trek for a night and watch this video. I know it’s long – but you’ll be glad you saw it. There are a ton of good ideas in there. I use the down time when it’s cold outside […]

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Mad Max Meets Experimental Architecture

December 28, 2013



This guy is unbelievable: Though I don’t buy into the Anthropogenic Global Warming stuff, I do think Michael Reynolds is on to some seriously good ideas. No need for a power grid… no need for centralized sewage or water systems… and all with readily available materials. Awesome. Whatever happens, whether it be climate change or […]

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