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Hook Your Emergency Water Storage Tanks Into Your Plumbing With This 1 Clever Trick

December 28, 2016


emergency water storage

Water is life. As a prepper, as an outdoors person, and even as a human, this fact has been drilled into our heads over and over. It’s a cornerstone of the “Rule of Threes.” Three days without water, and the human body starts to suffer the consequences. Water has a big place in our preparations, […]

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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Harvesting Rain Water

December 5, 2016


harvesting rain water

Harvesting rain water should be a priority for any serious prepper or gardener. Did you ever go on a long hike, then find yourself parched with thirst? The need for water catches up with you quickly. If the city water or your well shut down for a week, would you be able to survive or […]

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FACEOFF: What’s The Most Important Desert Survival Skill?

September 14, 2016


What's The Most Important Desert Survival Skill

Picture yourself alone beneath the blazing sun. You can feel the beginning of a sunburn and it’s only 11AM. Cursing yourself for forgetting a hat, you take another swig from the single bottle of warm water you grabbed from your car, cringing at the oily plastic taste. It’s already 3/4 empty.  You start to wonder […]

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How to Build The Ultimate Rain Catchment System

September 4, 2015



I recently published a report on how to build “The Ultimate Rain Catchment System”… a system that uses 7 mechanical levels of filtration to purify water off of any roof. Plus… Can be used to pipe hot water into your home, without using any electricity. And that report has been SO popular that I thought […]

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9 Tips On Collecting Rainwater

June 23, 2015



I still remember the feeling of utter joy I used to have every Saturday at around 2 PM when I would take my bath with rainwater that I warmed up myself with nothing but the sun. My grandpa and I (I was 6 at the time) used to take out this huge tin bathtub from […]

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How to Purify 12 Gallons Of Water A Day WITHOUT Filters or Electricity

December 4, 2014


Heavy Downpour

If you are like me, and you worry about the life span of your water filters in a collapse situation, and how you’ll keep purifying drinking water after your supply of filters runs out, then this video is for you. I’m sharing this video with you because up until recently I wasn’t sure if this […]

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