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You Could Learn a Lot From a Hippie

February 22, 2014


Remember the initial mass rebellion against the banking system that launched the Tea Party? At early events, you’d see everything from “End the Fed” signs to “Fair Tax Now!” to “God Back In America” to “My Kid Isn’t Your ATM!” Then, shortly after, we had the rise of Occupy Wall Street. In the beginning of […]

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How to Process Yucca Into Rope

January 12, 2014


Yucca Plant

There are wild yuccas found across the nation.  Here’s a great little video that shows you how to make rope out of their fibers.  

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An Emergency Skinning Tool You Can Find Almost Anywhere

January 7, 2014


Now this is cool as heck: “Hunters and skinning animals go hand-in-hand. Once they acquire their wild game, they need to uncover the meat that they hope to eat. This also applies to farmers and ranchers that raise livestock as a personal food source. These folks are usually prepared with appropriate cutlery for the task. […]

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Lessons From the Trail: Foraging Ain’t Easy

October 23, 2013



I’m a plant geek. I like to think that if the grid went down and I was trekking through the wilderness, I’d do fine. There’s plenty to eat in the wild if you know where to look, right? But this last weekend as I hiked the Appalachian Trail, I did terribly. The flora of the […]

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A Crazy Fast Way To Collect Bait Worms

October 22, 2013

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I’ve done worm composting (and am doing it now), I’ve grown great quantities of worms in the ground by piling up rotten straw, and I’ve gone fishing many times… but I’ve never seen such a hilariously effective way of catching worms until now: I know, it’s cruel. But so is putting the poor wittle things […]

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Duck Hunting 101 (Contains Expletives and is Hilarious)

October 9, 2013


If you ever wanted to know the basics of duck hunting, this is it!  I figured I’d freshen up as I gear up for this weekend. Ever wonder how to speak “duck” or call them when they’re too far?  What about the 3 ways to hide from ducks, or their typical flying patterns? Learn and […]

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