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Tearing it up with a Ridging Hoe

October 18, 2014


For the survival-minded homesteader – or for those who simply wish to live a simpler existence – good hand tools are important. When you don’t have a tractor or when gas gets too expensive (or disappears), meaning your tiller is dead in the field… it’s good to have solid hand tools that will allow you and […]

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A Multitool For Your Bugout Bag: A Leatherman Wave Review

August 9, 2014



When I was a kid I thought Swiss Army knives were the coolest thing ever. One of my friends had one. It contained everything from a screwdriver to a saw to a can opener and a toothpick. All those little fold-out bits and pieces fascinated me. As a young teenager, I owned a Chinese-made knock-off Swiss Army […]

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Problems with Raised Beds

July 31, 2014



Most modern gardening books embrace the raised bed as if it were the greatest invention since the Scots created peat-flavored alcohol. Raised beds are the modern way to garden. The good way. The BEST way. Let me count the ways they’re supertastic! 1. Raised beds give you good boundaries 2. Raised beds help the soil warm up quicker in […]

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Tilling By Hand With a Grub Hoe

May 6, 2014



A few weeks ago, I discovered a “new” favorite tool. I put “new” in quotation marks because the tool I discovered (rediscovered?) is in fact quite old. It pre-dates tillers, gasoline and the Industrial Revolution. It’s simple, tough and – in my newly enlightened eyes – indispensable for grid-down gardening and tilling by hand. If you’re gardening […]

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Tool Review: Kobalt Magnum Grip Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers

January 17, 2014

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The holidays are tool season. Local stores put out lots of bits and pieces, gadgets and gewgaws, assortments, kits, collections and all shades of rugged metal and plastic offerings for the handyman. This Christmas my wife skipped the tool buying and bought me a reflex punching bag so I can take out my aggression without […]

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American-made Classic Clothespins: A Review And A Call to Action

December 4, 2013


Herrick Kimball's "Classic American Clothespins"

I like to air-dry clothes. (I promise I’m not a hippie. I only made tie-dyes once. I mean twice. I mean, like eight times… but I’m over it now. Really and truly. And I don’t listen to THAT much Bob Marley.) Okay, after that awkward start, here’s the meat: most of the tools we have […]

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