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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Harvesting Rain Water

December 5, 2016


harvesting rain water

Harvesting rain water should be a priority for any serious prepper or gardener. Did you ever go on a long hike, then find yourself parched with thirst? The need for water catches up with you quickly. If the city water or your well shut down for a week, would you be able to survive or […]

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Using Plastic in the Garden

June 3, 2015


You know, I’ve never liked plastic. It has some excellent uses, sure – but still, I like to avoid most stuff that takes roughly a bazillion years to break down. When I started my home nursery business a year and a half ago, I did a lot of research into methods of controlling weeds. I […]

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How To Choose The Right Ax

October 29, 2014


Photo credit Andy Carter.

I received an e-mail recently from a relative interested in finding a good ax. He was less than pleased with the selection at Tractor Supply and other local chain hardware stores. Rather than buying a piece of mass-produced subpar Chinese junk, he wanted something good. Problem: I’m no ax expert. I’ve never done much wood […]

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Easy Gardening Solutions for Lazy Gardeners

October 24, 2014



Sometimes I wonder: does a person’s garden follow his personality? Is the love of weeds, praise of borderline chaos and embracing of wild animals simply an outgrowth of a disordered mind? On the flip side: are perfect beds, straight lines and precisely timed plantings the result of latent OCD? (I once created a quiz on gardening personality types […]

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Tearing it up with a Ridging Hoe

October 18, 2014


For the survival-minded homesteader – or for those who simply wish to live a simpler existence – good hand tools are important. When you don’t have a tractor or when gas gets too expensive (or disappears), meaning your tiller is dead in the field… it’s good to have solid hand tools that will allow you and […]

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Gardening Tasks for Fall

October 3, 2014



The air is crisp and the leaves are hanging tenuously on the branches. Even the weeds are starting to fade as the chill of fall sends its first tentative tendrils through the air to caress away the faded heat of summer. In some places – my condolences if I describe your home state – the weather is already freezing. […]

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