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7 Ways To Use Up Raw Milk

April 14, 2015



When I tell people our family of four sometimes consumes 6 gallons of raw milk a week, I usually get laughed at. And then follows the actual question of “How CAN you go through so much milk?!”. Let’s think about the average family of four and how much milk or milk products they consume for […]

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16 Flower Jellies That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

April 7, 2015


16 Flower Jelly Recipes That'll Knock Your Socks Off!

Although cold weather isn’t quite behind us, Spring has definitely arrived. The flowers are just beginning to wake from their long slumber and emerge reborn from their earthy graves. Pretty soon we’ll be surrounded by gorgeous shades of pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, and everything in between. My absolute favorite part of Spring is finding […]

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How To Ferment Your First Batch Of Sauerkraut

April 3, 2015



I remember the first time I tried a lacto-fermented pickle: A quart mason jar with cucumbers, peppercorns, a garlic clove or two, and some assorted spices was handed to me. I have always loved pickles, so I eagerly selected and bit into one. The flavor was unlike anything I had ever experienced – garlicky, tangy, […]

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Two Ways To Can Chicken Legs

March 27, 2015


two ways to can chicken legs

Knowing how to can chicken on the bone comes in really handy when you butcher your own chickens or when chicken legs or thighs go on sale at the store. I’ll be canning chicken legs in this tutorial, but you would use the same methods for canning chicken thighs and wings as well. There are […]

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How To Can Ground Beef

March 6, 2015


How To Can Ground Beef

Every year we buy a quarter of a cow from a farmer friend of ours, which comes up to about 100 lbs of meat. It usually keeps our family of 6 stocked for around 10 months. Initially we store all of that beef in a large deep freezer, but as the seasons progress I need […]

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23 Things You Must Know To Can Meat Safely

February 24, 2015


Meat is one of those things that people tend to be the most scared to try canning. Food poisoning can be a very serious matter. I don’t blame anyone who approaches preserving meats with trepidation. I was the same way when I first started canning! My biggest fear was that I would do something wrong […]

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