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10 Foods You Can Grow To Make Alcohol

April 30, 2015



Backyard gardening is a great way to either supplement your grocery store runs, or to provide a huge percentage of the food you eat. Growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains not only provides you with healthy alternatives to genetically modified, non-organic foods that you may buy in large chain grocery stores, it is also a […]

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Raising Chickens Vs. Ducks – A Guide

April 22, 2015


ducklings and chicks

Adding chickens and ducks to your homestead is one way to increase your self reliance.  Both chickens and ducks produce delicious fresh eggs. Both ducks and chickens can be raised as a source of meat, also.   A third scenario is raising your chickens and ducks for egg production first and then using the livestock for […]

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Defeat Garden Pests With This Easy Trick

February 17, 2015



I pulled out the remains of summer’s snake beans from one of my garden beds and was amazed by the sight that met my eyes. The roots were a horrid, knotty mass of distorted lumps. Nematodes. In the spring the beans had done excellently so I planted a second round in the same area. It grew […]

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Prepare Your Garden for Winter with Cheap Green Manure

November 14, 2014



I was selling plants at my nursery booth this week when a woman walked up to me. “I did what you told me,” she stated. I couldn’t remember when we had talked but she looked familiar. And I certainly couldn’t remember what I’d told her to do. I wondered… what HAD I told her to […]

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Patience: The Key To Homesteading and Gardening Success

November 14, 2014

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Many preppers join the survivalist ranks in a mad rush. Most of us have been there. We remember the one event, news article, lost job or crisis that pushed us firmly into the “I’ll be ready no matter what” mindset. Oft-times our conversion leads to a mad rush. We buy buckets of beans, generators, guns, […]

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How To Choose The Right Ax

October 29, 2014


Photo credit Andy Carter.

I received an e-mail recently from a relative interested in finding a good ax. He was less than pleased with the selection at Tractor Supply and other local chain hardware stores. Rather than buying a piece of mass-produced subpar Chinese junk, he wanted something good. Problem: I’m no ax expert. I’ve never done much wood […]

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