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Defeat Garden Pests With This Easy Trick

February 17, 2015



I pulled out the remains of summer’s snake beans from one of my garden beds and was amazed by the sight that met my eyes. The roots were a horrid, knotty mass of distorted lumps. Nematodes. In the spring the beans had done excellently so I planted a second round in the same area. It grew […]

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Patience: The Key To Homesteading and Gardening Success

November 14, 2014

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Many preppers join the survivalist ranks in a mad rush. Most of us have been there. We remember the one event, news article, lost job or crisis that pushed us firmly into the “I’ll be ready no matter what” mindset. Oft-times our conversion leads to a mad rush. We buy buckets of beans, generators, guns, […]

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Easy Gardening Solutions for Lazy Gardeners

October 24, 2014



Sometimes I wonder: does a person’s garden follow his personality? Is the love of weeds, praise of borderline chaos and embracing of wild animals simply an outgrowth of a disordered mind? On the flip side: are perfect beds, straight lines and precisely timed plantings the result of latent OCD? (I once created a quiz on gardening personality types […]

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Gardening Tasks for Fall

October 3, 2014



The air is crisp and the leaves are hanging tenuously on the branches. Even the weeds are starting to fade as the chill of fall sends its first tentative tendrils through the air to caress away the faded heat of summer. In some places – my condolences if I describe your home state – the weather is already freezing. […]

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Guineas, Bugs, Ducks, Coons and Rabbits: Experiments In Raising Meat

August 31, 2014


A few weeks ago, we had a raising rabbits post here at by Ted R here at The Prepper Project. At the same point he was writing that article, I was acquiring some rabbits of my own. Call it Providence, or serendipity, or Fate… but it was good timing. I appreciated hearing Ted’s thoughts on tasty […]

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Must-Watch Gardening Videos For Preppers

August 24, 2014



Thanks to the internet we have a vast treasure trove of information at our fingertips. If you’re interested in gardening and survival, the following videos are eye-opening and helpful enough to warrant gathering together in one gigantic post. Not all of these are directly related to survival gardening; some are more about thinking through how […]

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